Unlock your productivity with our new AI Content Assistant

Unlock your productivity with our new AI Content Assistant

What if there was a way to quickly generate content without wasting time feeling uninspired?

Well, now there is! Introducing AI Content Assistant - your helping hand so you can say goodbye to writer’s block and wasted time staring at a blank page.

AI Content Assistant helps you write relevant emails in seconds at the touch of a button.

All you have to do is tell our assistant what you want to write about, select the type of email, its tone, and it’ll do the rest for you. It’ll generate content that your customers will want to open.

With AI Content Assistant, you always have complete control over the content that you send. You can insert the content directly into an email or copy it to edit and fine-tune the text until it meets your exact requirements. Then, plug in the personalized elements from your Capsule data, ensuring all your emails will always have your personal touch, without the hassle of writing it from scratch.

To get to the AI Content Assistant you’ll need to navigate to a Person or Organization Contact Record, an Opportunity or a Project and click the Send Email button.

When the Email Composer opens up. You’ll see a new button next to the Templates that’ll open up the AI Content Assistant.

Let’s say you want to update your client on how a project is going or perhaps you had a meeting with a client and agreed on some next steps. You can add those as bullet points in the AI Content Assistant and it will build email content around that for you.

Or, maybe you already have an email that you send to a potential customer once someone has sent in an inquiry. If you want to try something new our AI Content Assistant can rewrite that email for you.

Depending on your Capsule plan there are different monthly quotas available for you to use:

  • Free - 10 Chat GPT AI Content Assists.
  • Pro - 10 Chat GPT AI Content Assists.
  • Teams - 1000 Chat GPT AI Content Assists.
  • Enterprise - 1000 Chat GPT AI Content Assists.

AI Content Assistant is incredibly easy-to-use. No matter your experience level or technical background, anyone can use this feature immediately — saving time, energy and unblocking your productivity issues.

Try out AI Content Assistant today and see why it’s the perfect companion for anyone who needs help getting started with emails quickly!

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