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15+ Sales influencers to follow in 2024

Which sales influencers should you follow in 2024? Read our guide to find out more.

Jon Davis · December 27, 2023
15+ Sales influencers to follow in 2024

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Sales is a tricky game. To keep up with best sales practices you need to stay up to date with the latest trends. Sales influencers are a great resource for sales professionals. They provide guidance and advice on how to manage your pipeline well, boost conversion, manage leads, and improve your sales process.

Whether you're an experienced sales leader, or a sales rep looking to expand their community, there's always something to learn. So, here are the top sales influencers you should be following in 2024.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk's, also known as ‘Gary Vee’ credentials speak for himself. He's the chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, and is associated with a huge number of other brands. He's been an angel investor for social media brands like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, and Uber.

With over five million followers Vaynerchuk is credited as a LinkedIn top sales voice. He covers a range of topics on his blog and social media and creates videos covering topics like investing, entrepreneurship, the sales process, marketing, and motivation.

Jeffrey Gitomer – The King Of Sales

Considered one of the first sales influencers, the self-proclaimed "King of Sales" has been a top sales coach for decades. He's an accomplished author with over 15 best-selling sales books under his belt and 10,000 followers on Linkedin. Some of his most successful titles include The Sales Bible, The Little Gold Book of YES! and his most successful title, The Little Red Book of Selling. The latter went on to sell more than five million copies worldwide and has been translated into 14 languages.

Gitomer still hosts over 1000 training events every year with sales teams across North America. His own sales training and coaching have helped thousands of sales reps hold better sales conversations and improve customer experiences. His customers include Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, BMW, AT&T Wireless, Kimpton Hotels, IBM, The New York Post, and hundreds of others.

Jack Kosakowski

From a salesperson to a successful CEO of Creation Agency, Jack Kosakowski is one of the best sales influencers to follow. His diverse career has earned him fame in the digital space and over 20,000 followers on Linkedin.

He is associated with brands like LeadIQ, Xvoyant, Sales Hacker, Ringlead, Leadsift, Chorus, Gong, and many more. In his personal blog and social media posts, he discusses the art and science of social selling and his tactics for revolutionizing the traditional sales approach. This has created a social selling approach where buyers and sellers both win.

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath, is a renowned sales strategist and bestselling author of four sales books. She has been recognized as one of the most influential individuals in sales lead management for four consecutive years. Additionally, she has been honored in the Top Sales Personality category by Top Sales World.

As the Founder and President of Women Sales Pro, she helps female entrepreneurs network to help learn and grow from one another. She hosts major conferences across North America and shares her years of experience with up-and-coming women, sales leaders, and professionals.

Michael Hanson

As the Founder and CEO of Growth Genie, Michael Hanson knows a thing or two about outbound sales. He helps sales teams improve their communication skills and provides valuable sales insights into how to better manage your pipeline.

Michael shared his expertise with us during our first webinar. Here, he advised salespeople on how to think like marketers and improve their conversions. Watch the full webinar here.

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson has been a renowned sales influencer in the B2B space, for decades. She has nearly 35,000 followers on LinkedIn and is credited as a Top Sales Management Voice. As the author of "She Sells: Attract, Promote and Retain Great Women in B2B sales" she's been a top sales leadership voice for female sales professionals for years.

As the Founder and President of Women Sales Pros, she currently hosts the award-winning podcast "Conversations with Women in Sales". She travels as a keynote speaker inspiring businesses to build inclusive B2B sales teams. She consults and coaches revenue teams on how to find strong sales candidates and helps leaders evaluate their current teams to improve sales productivity, revenue, and growth.

Dan Martell

As a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Dan Martell has invested in more than 40 businesses so far. He has successfully founded, raised, and sold numerous tech startups in his career.

He's founded and advised brands like Flowtown, Clarity, Intercom, Hootsuite, and Udemy. Dan is very open about his career failures and how they helped him progress. . He uses his Twitter, LinkedIn, and personal blog to share articles on sales strategies, business strategies for growth, and sales techniques. With 45,000 followers on LinkedIn, he's one of the top sales influencers to follow.

Mark Roberge

Roberge is the Managing Director of Sales 2 Capital and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. As a sales acceleration specialist, he authored the award-winning book "The Sales Acceleration Formula: Using Data, Technology and Inbound Selling to Go from $0 to $100 Million".

Mark has an impressive 50,000 followers on LinkedIn and he frequently provides business tips specifically for SaaS sales.

Morgan J Ingram

Morgan has been named Linkedin's top sales voice four times for a reason. With over 10 years in content creation, he's an expert in creating and amplifying personal brands through narrative-led growth.

With nearly 160,000 LinkedIn followers he's one of the leading sales influencers discussing current new innovative tools for sales and marketing. He shared his expertise in our video-selling masterclass, if you missed it you can catch up by watching the full webinar here.

John Barrows

John Barrows is the CEO of SellBetter by JB Sales and has trained some of the fastest-growing sales organizations in the world including LinkedIn, Box, Slack, Amazon, and Zoom.

He believes that when done right, sales is one of the greatest professions in the world. That's why he works to change the negative perception around the industry like co-authoring the Amazon bestselling children's book, "I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up". As one of the LinkedIn top sales voices with over 390,000 followers.

Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto is one of the leading experts in cold calling. As the Chief Value Officer of Renbor Sales Solutions, he helps B2B companies translate their sales strategy into a reality.

As well as a brilliant sales tactician, he's obsessed with executing strategy.

He's the author of two books, Shift: Harness the Trigger Events that Turn Prospects into Customers and Sales & Consequences. His years of experience have made him an expert in sales prospecting and managing sales pipelines.

Cherilynn Castleman

Cherilynn is a best-selling author and internationally renowned sales influencer. She works as the Managing Partner and Executive Coach at CGI Executive Coaching where she teaches clients how to develop growth strategies with innovative go-to-market models.

She works to help grow the careers of women of color and to help them develop their careers in sales. As a sales influencer, she advises sales professionals on how to meet their goals and continually grow their skills.

Marcus Chan

Marcus spent 14 years working in corporate America and was consistently ranked in the top percentile of performers. He won multiple President's Club awards and was promoted 10 times during his corporate career. Today he's a renowned sales leader and coach who works to help sales pros achieve similar results.

Marcus wrote a best-selling book "Six-Figure Sales Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Overfilling Your Pipeline, Closing More, and Earning in the Top 1% of Salespeople." It was celebrated by the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. With 75,000 followers on LinkedIn, he's one of the top sales influencers to watch in 2024.

Anthony Iannarino

Specializing in the B2B sales market, Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader. He's the founder of two family-owned businesses in the staffing industry and specializes in strategic planning while growing your sales team.

Anthony focuses on helping professionals reach their full potential. He began coaching in 2007 and discovered a knack for coaching that he used to help contribute to a company's sales culture.

Niraj Kapur

After working in sales in London for 23 years, Niraj knows a thing or two about smart selling tools. He aimed to raise the standards of sales across the board, so he wrote the international bestseller "Everybody Work in Sales".

Today he delivers LinkedIn training and 1:1 mentoring and has helped over 450 companies improve their sales performance. He currently has over 30,000 followers and is already sharing advice on how companies can improve their sales performance in 2024.

Scott Leese

Scott Leese specializes in teaching founders and sales leaders how to get scalable and successful results. As the CEO and Founder of Scott Lees Consulting, he has worked with hundreds of companies around the world on their go-to-market strategies, sales development playbook creation, and rev ops processes.

With over 110,000 LinkedIn followers and a host of business experience under his belt, Scott Leese is one of the best sales influencers posting today.

Final thoughts

Keeping up to date with growing trends is crucial in the sales game. Sales influencers can help you develop your skills to help boost revenue and improve performance

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