Recent Integrations: Leadinfo, Paycove and Office RnD

Recent Integrations: Leadinfo, Paycove and Office RnD

We’ve recently welcomed 3 new integrations to our marketplace. Let’s take a look!


Leadinfo is a lead generation tool that gives you greater insight into your website visitors and their buyer intent information. The two-way integration with Capsule allows information to flow between the two tools, making it easy to send leads and company information either automatically or manually from Leadinfo to Capsule. All you have to do is create a trigger in Leadinfo based on lead behavior and other characteristics that are important to you.


Paycove is an invoicing service that integrates with Capsule to provide an automated quoting, invoicing and payments solution. Paycove captures, transforms and displays Capsule data as a quote or invoice so you don’t need to manually create one. Once a customer has paid the invoice, Capsule is updated to reflect that.

Office RnD

Office RnD is a workplace management platform that enables Coworking Spaces and Serviced Offices to handle all operational processes involved in managing a flexible workspace. Workspaces can use Capsule to manage their leads, prospects and sales and then transfer any necessary data to Office RnD when it comes to customer onboarding. You then have two systems using the same information that is maintained in just one place.

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If you’d like to find out more about these integrations or would like support in setting them up you can contact our customer support team who will help you out.

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