Investing in Capsule

Investing in Capsule

Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary of Capsule. It was a chance to reflect on how Capsule has grown with thousands of customers in all corners of the globe. Over the past two years, our team has doubled in size to 32 employees, enabling us to expand our marketing, customer facing teams and also deliver new updates faster.

Looking ahead we see a big opportunity to extend Capsule’s focus as an easy to use customer management, sales and marketing tool. We also recognise having more structure and support to our business is an important part of the next stage of Capsule, and that working in partnership with an investor helps us with that.

Talking to potential investors has been a valuable experience to validate our plans. Amongst the investors we spoke to, one stood out for us when we first met at the end of last year. They understand our approach of putting the product and customer experience at the heart of what we do. The investor is Newlands Capital, a new investment firm, with a team that has years of experience helping businesses grow. They are taking a minority investment in Capsule with the support of Hermes GPE , a global investor in businesses.

What it means for our customers

Capsule continues as an easy to use solution for building stronger and more valuable customer relationships. All supported by our friendly customer facing teams.

You’ll also see us building more value in Capsule for our customers as we refine our product roadmap. One of the first major updates will be an integration with Microsoft 365 in early 2021, which follows on from our recent integration with QuickBooks and updated integration with Xero.

We’re excited to be taking this step, and working on the next stage of Capsule.

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