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7 Insightly alternatives to try in 2024

Discover the top 7 Insightly alternatives to improve your project management and fit your business your needs.

Rose McMillan · January 31, 2024
7 Insightly alternatives to try in 2024

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Searching for a CRM that's easy to use and grows with your business?

Insightly CRM offers powerful features at affordable prices, making it a great choice for many.

But, if you're exploring Insightly alternative options, there are plenty of alternatives out there.

We've created a list of Insightly CRM alternatives to check out.

But, first things first...

What is Insightly CRM?

Insightly CRM is a cloud-based platform known for its robust features, scalability, and ease of use.

It's designed to help businesses of all sizes manage customer relationships, automate workflows, and track sales leads efficiently.

Key features of Insightly CRM

  1. Sales pipeline and Lead management: Start with lead capture, prioritize and distribute leads, and get a real-time view of deal status
  2. Sales lead tracking and opportunity Management: Speed up your sales process by managing opportunities in customizable pipelines and tracking deal progress
  3. Business workflow and process automation: Automate repetitive tasks, reduce human error, and free up your team for more important work
  4. Validation Rules and advanced permissions: Ensure data accuracy and compliance while giving the right access to team members
  5. Project and task management: Convert opportunities to projects seamlessly and manage them with enhanced communication tools
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Create a comprehensive record of each customer interaction and improve overall business processes
  7. Performance dashboards and reporting: Customize dashboards and reports to get real-time insights and make informed decisions.

Why should you look for Insightly CRM alternatives

While Insightly can work as a workflow automation and sales hub, it might not be ideal in every use case.

Here's why you should consider other Insightly alternatives.

Contact limit constraints

For businesses with large contact lists, Insightly's top plan, capping at 25,000 contacts, might not suffice.

It can be challenging for organizations managing larger databases, as it makes them look for Insightly CRM alternatives with higher or no contact limits. This is especially crucial for effective sales pipeline management and contact management.

Customization limitations

Insightly offers up to 500 custom fields, but if you need deeper customization for their CRM system, this might be inadequate.

If you need amore tailored solution for your sales and marketing processes or advanced project management might find this limiting, leading them to seek more versatile CRM software alternatives.

Integration via AppConnect

Integration in Insightly is channeled through its AppConnect platform. While this offers workflow automation and data syncing capabilities, it can be cumbersome for businesses already using multiple platforms.

On top of that, this additional layer might drive companies towards more straightforward integrations, particularly those who prioritize simplicity in their sales CRM or marketing automation tools.

Pricing structure challenges

Insightly's pricing, particularly for its more feature-rich plans, can be challeneging for small businesses and startups.

The cost may be prohibitive for those small business companies requiring advanced features but lacking the budget.

This pricing model might push companies to seek an Insightly CRM alternative that offers more affordable pricing plans, especially for those needing all-encompassing CRM platforms with advanced features like predictive lead scoring, email tracking, and sales forecasting – but at a better price point.

Limited free offering

The limited functionality of Insightly's free version may not meet the needs of businesses seeking robust, no-cost CRM solutions.

This could lead them to consider free Insightly alternatives that offer a wider range of basic features without the investment.

Small businesses and startups often require CRM systems that provide essential capabilities like lead management, sales tracking, and basic marketing tools without (any) financial strain.

Best Insightly alternatives for your business in 2024

#1 - Capsule – top Insightly alternative

If you want to manage customer interactions with an easy-to-use but comprehensive CRM platform – Capsule comes as the right Insightly alternative for your business.

Key features of Capsule all-in-one platform:

  • Contact management: Offers a systematic approach to storing and accessing client details
  • Sales pipeline: Provides a graphical view for monitoring deal progress
  • Task management: A project management platform module helps oversee tasks to and ensure timely delivery of client work and other tasks
  • Customizable: Adaptable to your business needs with customizable fields and dashboards to manage leads the way you need to
  • Reporting and analytics: Delivers in-depth insights into business performance with advanced analytics
  • Email integration: Integrates effortlessly with email services for organized contact communication and marketing campaigns
  • Mobile CRM: Enables CRM management through a mobile app – so you can run your business anywhere.
  • Data security: Boasts SOC 2 Type II certification, ensuring a strong commitment to data safety
  • Integration with other apps: Compatible with many apps – such as collaboration tools, website tracking tools, for extended functionality
  • Custom lists and filters: Allows effective segmentation and management of contact and sales information.

Pros of Capsule

  • Ease of use: Recognized for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, Capsule CRM is accessible to users with different technical expertise and is easy to implement and adopt.
  • Customisable: Easily adapted to meet diverse business needs and supports different workflows
  • Responsive support: Known for its efficient and supportive customer service team, with a dedicated account manager available
  • Pipeline management: Capsule’s sales pipeline is highly regarded for helping users visually understand deal status and aiding in sales forecasting
  • Integration breadth: Seamless integration with other applications, like Xero, significantly boosts its functionality for diverse business needs.

User reviews

  1. Robert M. (Mid-Market): "Capsule has been an amazing addition to our business. It's fully customizable, user-friendly, and the customer support is timely and efficient. The integration with email and the to-do list feature is invaluable for organizing my day."
  2. Julie P. (Small-Business): "Capsule offers an excellent range of features - from the simplicity of inputting information to task management and brilliant customer service. The tag facility and email integration are invaluable."
  3. Lewis N. (Small-Business): "Capsule CRM is seamless, fast, and constantly updating with useful features. The integration with Xero is fantastic, and customer service is quick to respond."

Best for

  • Small and medium-sized businesses: Capsule is well-suited for smaller companies seeking a CRM that's straightforward to set up and use, encompassing all fundamental features
  • Sales teams: Capsule is best for sales departments needing robust management of their sales pipeline, analytics, and lead monitoring
  • Customization-seeking businesses: An excellent option for enterprises that need CRM that’s tailored to their needs
  • Integration-dependent companies: Ideal for firms that require seamless and rapid integration of their CRM with other business tools
  • Email marketing-centric organizations: A top choice for companies heavily engaged in email marketing, thanks to its native integration with Transpond and other email marketing tools.


Capsule's pricing model includes a completely free CRM plan for up to two users – a practical choice for small enterprises.

The Professional plan, when chosen annually, offers a cost-effective solution per user for a full-featured CRM experience.

This positions Capsule as a completely free Insightly alternative for businesses seeking a comprehensive CRM without high costs.

For detailed pricing information, visit Capsule's website.

#2 - Pipelinedeals CRM (Pipeline CRM)

PipelineDeals CRM, known as Pipeline CRM, is a user-centric CRM platform favored for its simplicity and effectiveness in enhancing sales team performance.

It's particularly suitable for small businesses and marketing and sales teams.

Key features

  • Lead management: Organizes and tracks potential customers
  • Sales pipeline management: Oversees the sales process efficiently
  • Email marketing tools: Enhances outreach efforts.Automation features: Streamlines repetitive tasks
  • Custom reports: Offers tailored data analysis
  • CRM software integrations: Connects with various software systems
  • Drag and drop interface: Simplifies user interaction.

Considerations and challenges

  • Limited sales pipelines: With only up to five sales pipelines available, even in its premium plans, Pipeline CRM may not meet the needs of larger businesses or those with multiple pipe lines. This limitation can be challenge ing for organizations with multiple sales funnels.
  • Restricted email template access: Email templates are only available in the largest plan, potentially impacting the efficiency and scalability of email marketing and sales operations for users on lower-tier plans. This could hinder businesses using email marketing during their sales process
  • No direct Xero integration: Nonative integration with Xero, a leading accounting software, presents a challenge. This omission could increase manual data entry and sifting between apps, resulting in inefficiencies for businesses heavily reliant on Xero,


Starts at $29 per month per user, offering a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious businesses

#3 - Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is designed for small businesses and sales teams.

It's known for its robust features as an Insightly CRM alternative for deal management.

Key features

  • Marketing automation platform: Enhances marketing efforts with customer data
  • Drag and drop interface: Simplifies user interaction
  • Lead generation marketing Hub: Boosts lead acquisition
  • Sales CRM management: Streamlines sales operations
  • Email marketing platform: Facilitates email outreach
  • Dedicated account manager: Available in higher plans

Considerations and challenges for Nutshell CRM:

  • Complex billing structure: Nutshell's wide variety of add-ons, while useful for customization, can lead to a complicated billing process. This might be challenging for businesses to navigate, potentially adding to administrative overhead with more advanced features.
  • No Xero integration: Thispresents a significant obstacle for businesses reliant on this accounting software. This gap necessitates alternate, possibly less efficient methods for syncing financial and CRM data.
  • Restricted API access in basic plans: API integration, crucial for system connectivity and automation, is limited to higher-tier plans. This restriction impedes smaller businesses or those on lower-tier plans from fully leveraging the CRM's capabilities, affecting their ability to scale and integrate with other tools.


Nutshell offers a 14-day trial, with plans starting at $16/month per user, for small and medium-sized businesses.

#4 - Copper CRM

Copper CRM has a strong integration with Google Workspace, making it a favorite for users deeply embedded in Google's services.

Its role is to enhance sales and marketing automation processes seamlessly within this ecosystem.

Key features

  • Google Workspace integration: Easily merges with Google's tools
  • Advanced sales reporting: Offers comprehensive reports for sales insights
  • Granular team permissions: Enables precise control over team access
  • Extensive app integrations: Supports a broad range of app connections
  • Automated tasks: Automates routine calls, meetings, and follow-ups.

Considerations and challenges

  • Contact capacity limitations: Copper's basic plans are restricted to 2,500 contacts, a challenge for businesses with larger contact lists, especially when similar CRMs offer higher limits at the same price point.
  • Integration only available with premium plans: Full integration features are confined to higher-priced plans, unlike competitors that provide these options at more affordable tiers. This could be limiting for businesses wanting advanced integration capabilities without a high budget.
  • Pricing for advanced features: The professional plan, while offering more sophisticated functionalities, comes at a higher cost compared to similar plans from other CRM providers. This could be significant for startups and small businesses that need advanced CRM capabilities but have the cash.


Priced at $29 per user per month, with the annual subscription offering better value. However, this can accumulate for larger teams or for those requiring more comprehensive features.

#5 - Monday CRM

Monday CRM, an offshoot of the well-known project management tool, is tailored to foster customer relationships, streamline sales operations, and enhance team collaboration.

It's recognized for its versatility in marketing automation and project management, serving sales and marketing teams effectively.

Key features

  • Contact management: Streamlines customer data handling
  • Sales forecasting: Predicts sales trends
  • Team collaboration: Facilitates group work efficiency
  • Task management: Organizes and tracks tasks
  • Automated workflows: Simplifies repetitive processes
  • Customizable dashboards: Personalizes data visualization
  • SMS marketing integrations: Enhances outreach capabilities.

Considerations and challenges for Monday CRM

  • Nofree version: Monday CRM doesn’t offer a permanent free option. Post-trial, users must select a paid plan to continue access, a potential barrier for cost-conscious businesses or startups.
  • Integration limitations in the basic plan: Monday’s Basic plan excludes integrations, crucial for streamlined business operations. Users on this plan cannot connect the CRM with their other tools, impacting efficiency and automation efforts.
  • Feature restrictions in lower tiers: The lower-tier plans of Monday CRM have limited features compared to higher tiers or other CRM solutions. Essential functionalities like Google Calendar sync are reserved for more advanced plans, possibly hindering the full CRM experience for users on basic plans.


Offers a range of pay-per-user plans with varying costs, potentially impacting small businesses or budget-conscious companies.

Advanced features and integrations are included in the more expensive packages..

#6 - Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM offers distinct features tailored for small businesses, positioning it as a strong Insightly alternative.

Key features

  • Social media integration: Enhances customer engagement
  • Email marketing automation: Streamlines email campaigns
  • Lead management: Aids in nurturing leads
  • Sales automation: Optimizes sales processes
  • Customizable sales reports: Provides detailed business insights
  • App integrations: Connects with popular applications
  • Contact management: Supports a high number of contacts.

Considerations and challenges for Nimble CRM:

  • Complex add-on structure: Nimble's range of add-ons, while potentially enhancing functionality of the tool, can be perplexing and limited. This might lead to difficulties in identifying the necessary add-ons for specific business needs, impacting user experience and efficiency
  • Limited file storage capacity: Offering only 2GB of file storage, Nimble may fall short for businesses that have extensive storage requirements, posing challenges in managing larger volumes of data and documents.
  • Constrained integration options: Nimble primarily integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, limiting its utility for businesses that rely on a broader range of software and services. No extensive integration can hinder seamless operation and data synchronization across different platforms.


Nimble CRM's pricing is structured to support small to medium-sized businesses, with plans that accommodate varying needs.

While specifics on pricing aren’t provided, it's important for potential users to consider the balance between cost and offered features – especially regarding add-ons and all the features for storage capacities, as well as the price per user.

#7 - Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform, offering a wide range of features for sales automation, marketing automation, and customer engagement.

Key features

  • Extensive sales dashboard: Provides an extensive sales dashboard that offers insights into sales processes and performance for data-driven decision-making
  • Advanced automation features: Zoho offers advanced automation capabilities, streamlining tasks and processes for improved efficiency.
  • Customizable workflow automation: Allows for the creation of customizable workflows, enabling businesses to tailor their CRM processes to specific needs
  • Lead generation boosters: The platform includes tools and features developed to boost lead generation efforts, helping businesses acquire and nurture leads effectively
  • Integration with a suite of Zoho Marketing Automation platforms: Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with a set of marketing automation solutions, creating a unified ecosystem for comprehensive marketing and sales strategies.

Considerations and challenges for Zoho CRM

  • Difficult onboarding: Zoho CRM's initial setup and onboarding process can be challenging. It often requires extensive customization and support, which can consume valuable time and resources before users can fully harness its capabilities.
  • Development delays: As part of the larger suite of Zoho applications, Zoho CRM may experience delays in rolling out new features and updates. This delay in feature availability could impact users who are eagerly awaiting specific enhancements.
  • Limited storage: The highest-tier plan of Zoho CRM offers 5GB of storage per user. And yes, this might suffice for many businesses, those with substantial data storage needs may find it insufficient, potentially leading to data management challenges.


Zoho CRM offers a range of pricing plans from $18 to $55 per user per month, catering to businesses of varying sizes and requirements.

Note that monthly plans may be more expensive than annual subscriptions.

Also, users should be aware of hidden costs associated with customization and onboarding.

Key takeaways

  • When seeking alternatives to Insightly, consider CRM solutions for comprehensive customer interaction management as businesses automate more and more contact management processes every single year.
  • Per-user pricing plans ensure cost-effectiveness when selecting the best Insightly alternatives
  • Effective contact management is fundamental for organizing customer information in CRM alternatives
  • Consider intuitive yet advanced CRM platforms for more advanced features like campaign management, contact management, lead tracking, lead scoring and automation
  • Utilize mobile apps for on-the-go CRM management, including Capsule CRM, a strong Insightly alternative
  • Ad management and task management streamline marketing and sales processes for Insightly alternatives
  • Don't look for CRM solutions with only basic features – go for those with unlimited user capabilities, and automation for business efficiency among Insightly alternatives.

Power up your sales pipeline management with the right CRM

Looking for a CRM solution that's easy to use and offers great features at a competitive price per user? Consider Capsule CRM.

It's a match made in sales heaven to help businesses effectively manage customer interactions, track leads, and streamline marketing campaigns.

With Capsule, you can:

  • Keep all your customer information organized and accessible
  • Efficiently assign and manage tasks to stay on top of prospect follow-ups and client deliverables
  • Manage your CRM activities on the go with full functionality across devices.
  • Integrate with popular apps, delivering a wide range of tools in one platform.
  • Nail sales cycle, marketing processes, and customer service – all under one roof.

Capsule's pricing plans are budget-friendly, making it a top choice for businesses looking to automate sales cycles, manage campaigns, and track leads effectively.

Plus, it's one of the best Insightly alternatives, offering all the features you need without the complexity!

Get started with Capsule CRM today and experience the benefits of a comprehensive CRM platform.

Try Capsule CRM free for 14 daysGet started


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