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How would Transpond improve your business?

Dan Duran · August 26, 2022
How would Transpond improve your business?

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We recently introduced our email marketing application Transpond. It offers a seamless experience when integrated with Capsule and helps you to make the most of every opportunity with your clients.

In this blog we’ll take a closer look at some of the features that make Transpond such a good fit for Capsule customers. Email is one of the best digital marketing tools you can use to grow your business. It’s relatively cheap and when done right provides a great ROI - around $50 for every $1 spent.

Up and running

Getting started with Transpond is easy. If you’re using Capsule you can connect and sync your contacts in minutes. A key feature is you can use your tags as segments straight away, meaning you don’t have to spend days thinking about your long-term goals. After all, if you’ve been using your CRM to segment your customers and grow your business already, it shouldn’t really need to be any different when you segment your communications. That can be a big time-saver and ensures your marketing and sales operations are fully in tune. Alternatively you can upload your contacts from a worksheet, or simply add them as you go.

Moving from another solution can seem like hard work, but if you’re using Mailchimp there is a built-in migration tool that helps you to move your templates, contact lists and merge fields very easily.

Using Transpond every day is easy too. The UI has recently been updated to enhance its intuitive nature.

Send beautiful emails

Your choice of email marketing application will often come down to the features available and the price. But the real challenges can start once you’re using it. With some email tools, designing templates and building campaigns can sometimes feel like a struggle and if you really want to push the boundaries of your designs it can be quite limiting or require some significant workarounds.

This is where Transpond stands out. It has an intuitive drag and drop email template editor that is very easy to use, but also lets you dig deeper into the design when you need to. So you can either start from an existing pre-built template and adapt that, or go for something more bespoke if you have specific brand requirements.

When it’s time to send your emails, the Transpond Campaign Wizard ensures you’re selecting the right contacts and lets you know whether your campaign is likely to reach inboxes or hit spam filters. This is a standard feature which is tested across the world’s top email providers. It really helps with making sure your messages are well targeted and getting seen.

Deliver the right experience

There is so much to be gained from offering a great onboarding experience and timely notifications around purchases. These kinds of emails tend to have the highest open rates because customers are fully bought into their purpose.

If you offer a great transactional experience it can really drive long-term loyalty. In fact 93% of consumers would consider switching the brands they use if they have a poor experience with transactional emails. But get them right and you’ll ensure that repeat business underpins your growth. That’s why Transpond lets you easily set up emails to send from your website or app. It’s also possible to trigger alerts or communications based on when a contact visits a specific web page.

Automate your setup

Part of the appeal of using technology in business is that it helps you to achieve much more with the same or even fewer resources. That’s where Transpond’s automations really drive big benefits, particularly when you use them with Capsule.

You can either use a pre-built automation like a welcome email, or you can create a new one from scratch based on your own triggers and actions. For example, you could set up alert emails when a task is completed within Capsule.

Tailor your content

Wouldn’t it be great if you could serve tailored messaging to your contacts, and not have to worry about creating hundreds of emails to address each specific segment?

Well now you can. With Transpond you can serve specific content to contacts based on the rules you set. This makes it possible to pull in multiple blocks of content to create one single flowing email.

This can save a lot of time day-to-day, with the main requirement being updating content whenever you need to make changes. This is a major time-saver compared to communicating with each specific segment with separate emails.

Pause sends!

We’ve all had an email that was sent by mistake, or an apology email clarifying that some information wasn’t quite right. So wouldn’t it be great to have an added layer of confidence when you’re sending that big campaign?

When you press send within Transpond, you always have the option to pause things if something strikes you as not quite right. This feature minimizes the scale of having to sort things out if the worst does happen.

See what’s happening

A big part of sending email campaigns is seeing the impact they have, and refining them further for the next time. Transpond provides an impressive analytics suite that lets you see who has opened emails, where they’ve clicked and also where they’ve visited on your website after they’ve clicked. But that’s not all. You can also see where they are in the world and what device they’ve used to view your comms.

If you integrate Capsule with Transpond, you’ll also be able to see engagement stats for contacts within the Capsule sidebar, meaning you won’t even have to switch between platforms - it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Transpond has many more features that could provide great results for you. We see it as a communication tool that will continue to evolve in much the same way as Capsule has. It’s free to use with up to 1,000 contacts, and beyond that limit the plans are competitively priced.

If you already use Capsule and would like to give Transpond a try, go to your Settings page and you’ll find the integration listed. We also have some helpful information in our Support pages.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about Transpond, why not visit the website?

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