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How to increase tech sales in 2024

The tech industry continues to grow year on year, so to stay ahead you need to know the latest trends in sales and business growth.

Rose McMillan · October 17, 2023
How to increase tech sales in 2024

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Tech sales are unique in their complexity, but also opportunities. Although tech sales have a relatively high entry barrier, there is one basic perk here – extremely high payouts.

That is why many companies wish to not only get into tech sales, but also capitalize on it. In this article we’ll explore how to increase tech sales in 2024 and beyond, and what techniques to use.

What are technology sales?

Technology sales involve selling complex technical products and services, ranging from software solutions to hardware like desktop computers.

A tech sales rep might only sell one kind of tech product, such as a CRM platform. Or, they might sell a product that combines different elements, like a wearable tech device with embedded software.

Tech sales process vs regular sales process

Tech sales are not your typical sales jobs. They require a unique set of skills and approaches that all tech sales reps should possess.

1. Technical knowledge

In tech sales, you can't just rely on your sales skills. A deep understanding of the tech industry and the products you're selling is crucial.

For example, if a tech sales rep is selling software development services, they should understand coding languages and project management methodologies.

2. No physical storefront

Unlike traditional retail, many tech sales jobs are done remotely or through digital platforms. This means that tech sales representatives have to be adept at using various online tools for sales and communication.

3. Longer sales cycles

Tech services often require a longer time to close a deal. This is because the products are complex and need approval from multiple departments within a prospective client's company. When securing a tech sales position, you need to be aware that you won't be able to sell the product overnight.

4. High competition

The tech industry is highly competitive. Tech sales reps need to stay up to date with the latest trends and products to remain competitive, and pursue their career in tech sales. Especially since tech sales industry quotas are often only partially met:

What do tech sales representatives do

Tech salespeople are the bridge between tech companies and the clients after shiny new gadgets and software. They're the ones identifying sales opportunities.

They present and demonstrate the company's products, making sure to close sales like a pro. But there's much more to consider.

Wear many hats

For tech sales positions, wearing multiple hats is the name of the game. Aside from the usual sales spiel, they also provide consulting and troubleshooting services.

Network with other tech sales professionals and clients

If you think a tech sales career is just about cold calls and closing deals, think again. Many tech sales reps also spend their time attending industry events. This is a great networking opportunity and allows them to form alliances with sales teams from other companies.

Provide a variety of services

Tech sales career paths are as varied as the products they sell. From software sales to hardware sales, the sky's the limit.

Whether you start as a tech salesperson and climb your way up to sales manager or specialize as a technical sales representative, the sales career opportunities are endless.

Use tools to streamline their workflow

Working in tech sales isn't just about showing a bit of persuasion on the phone. Sales tools are crucial, too.

From CRM software to analytics dashboards, technology sales teams use a variety of tools to track performance and manage relationships. After all, in the sales profession, good relationships are crucial, and the right tools can make or break your success.

Tech sales jobs examples

Career options for technology salespeople include:

  • Account executive: Account executives are responsible for closing sales of technology packages.
  • Sales engineer: Combines technical skills with sales knowledge. They can be great at selling technology, as they often have the most technical knowledge about software products.
  • Business development representative: Focuses on generating leads and finding prospective clients. A success fee is usually added to their average salary.
  • Customer success manager: Ensures customer satisfaction post-sale and spends more time on serving existing clients than generating interest among new ones.
  • Sales manager: oversees the sales team and often collaborates with hiring managers.

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Skills for tech sales professionals

Before you dive headfirst into the tech sales industry, let's talk about the skills you absolutely can't skimp on. Having them can make you a hot commodity in the tech sales positions market.

1. Understanding technical aspects

Whether it's software sales or hardware sales, you've got to know your stuff. This works towards your credibility and is crucial for effective selling. No one trusts a tech sales representative who can't tell a CPU from a GPU.

2. Communication skills

In the tech sales industry, you'll encounter clients who might know less about technology than you. Your job in tech sales is to simplify complex tech jargon into something anyone can understand. Good communication skills are essential for clear and persuasive interactions with clients, and they can open up more sales opportunities.

3. Problem-solving skills

Tech sales reps are often the first point of contact when a customer has an issue. Your problem-solving skills can set you apart from other tech sales representatives. Being able to quickly identify and provide solutions to customer problems is like being a tech superhero (minus the cape).

4. Negotiation skills

In any tech sales job, knowing how to negotiate helps you close deals that are beneficial for both parties. Sales reps with killer negotiation skills are often the ones who climb the ranks the fastest.

5. Time management

Tick-tock on the clock. Time is money, especially in a fast-paced career in tech sales. Efficiently managing your time allows you to focus on high-value activities and clients. It's not just about being busy; it's about being productive.

6. Team collaboration

Working well with other technology salespeople ensures that the sales process is smooth and that customer needs are fully addressed. Teamwork makes the dream work.

7. Analytical skills

Last but not least, analytical skills are important for every sales role. Being able to interpret data and sales metrics helps you understand what strategies are working and what needs improvement. It's like having a roadmap for your job in tech sales.

How to increase tech sales in 2024

Interested in working in tech sales? Or, rather interested in making your tech sales work? Either way, we have a couple of tips for you.

Identify target markets for tech products

If you don’t know whom you sell to, how are you going to sell?

Comprehensive market research can help you pinpoint the sectors, industries, or demographics that would most benefit from your products and services. Knowing your audience allows you to tailor your marketing strategies, making them more effective.

It also enables more personalized interactions with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

For example, a software company might notice that the manufacturing industry really enjoys their product. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t serve other niches, but based on their findings, they can tailor their product pitches to meet the needs of other manufacturing businesses.

Work on your USP

Your unique selling point (USP) is what sets you apart from the competition. It should be compelling, addressing the specific needs and pain points of your target market.

A strong USP can be a game-changer in attracting and retaining customers – and something that each tech sales professional can use to their advantage when persuading both new and existing customers.

Make sure it aligns with your target market's needs and is easy to understand. Revisit and tweak your USP as market needs evolve. In a tech company, USPs often tend to be complex so find a way to explain it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Leverage remarketing on social media

Retargeting campaigns on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can be a goldmine for re-engaging potential customers. These platforms allow you to show targeted ads to users who have previously interacted with your brand but haven't made a purchase.

Retargeting can remind customers of products they viewed, nudging them towards conversion. Segment your audience for more effective retargeting and monitor metrics to adjust your strategies as needed.

When it comes to B2B and tech, retargeting works wonders on social media - not just shooting in the dark.

Use CRM to track each interaction

Using a CRM tool can provide a centralized platform for tracking all customer interactions, which is invaluable for understanding customer behavior and refining sales strategies.

Good CRM software can automate many tasks, freeing up time for more strategic work for each technology salesperson. It can also provide valuable insights through analytics, helping you make data-driven decisions. Regularly update your CRM database to ensure accuracy and relevance in your sales cycle.

And use a tool that has it all. Like Capsule.

Create a knowledge base for your clients

A comprehensive knowledge base can act as a self-service portal, reducing the workload on your customer service team and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Clients can find answers to common questions themselves, freeing up customer service reps for more complex issues. And that’s crucial for tech sales where complex issues are bread and butter.

‍According to the Harvard Business Review, 81% of all customers attempt to take care of issues themselves before reaching out to a live representative - across industries.

Give them that option!

Ensure that your knowledge base is easy to navigate and regularly updated with new information. The more effort you put here, the less effort it will take you to make your customers happy.

Use analytics to track which articles are most accessed and update them for clarity and completeness.

Offer bundled packages

Offering bundles, seasonal discounts, or add-ons can serve as an effective incentive for potential customers. These increase your average transaction value on tech hardware, and also make it easier to seal the deal.

Bundles and discounts can attract price-sensitive customers and encourage bulk purchases. They can also introduce customers to more products in your range. Always check the performance of these strategies to ensure they are delivering the desired results.

Instead of involving an account executive or tech sales representative into creating bundles, make tech sales even easier. Create a built-in option where prospective clients can build their own package.

Train tech sales reps on best sales techniques

A well-trained team can adapt to different customer needs and handle objections more effectively. But except from dealing with all things customer success, this can also teach the tech sales team better sales methods.

For example, take upselling.You start by getting to know the other person, understanding their needs, and then suggesting that maybe they'd be happier with a little extra. In the tech world, this could mean suggesting a software package with a few more bells and whistles than the basic version your customer was considering.

And that sounds easy. But to make it work, each tech sales rep needs to know how to do it. That’s why tech sales training is extremely important here. And then, it has to be applied everywhere. Implement these techniques at various customer touchpoints, such as during the checkout process, in email marketing, or through personalized recommendations on your website.

Use video demos and webinars

Video content can provide a powerful platform for showcasing the value and functionality of your tech products. Webinars pave the way for real-time Q&A and direct interaction with potential clients. Videos can be repurposed for various marketing channels, providing excellent ROI in the tech industry.

Establishing collaboration with tech Influencers

Forming partnerships with tech influencers can lend credibility to your products and extend your reach to a wider, yet targeted, audience. Choose influencers who align with your brand values and have a following that matches your target demographic.

Influencers can offer authentic endorsements and create content around your products, providing social proof. They won’t be your main sales channels, or, at least, they shouldn’t be. But they can give you that boost you might need to work in tech sales and succeed.

Land that tech sales job!

Tech sales is a skill and one that requires a lot of work to perfect. From tech sales reps making waves to hiring managers always on the lookout for talent, this field is buzzing so make sure you have the skills you need to succeed.

No matter your industry, client relations are crucial for any sales team. So make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. Capsule’s CRM is a great way to keep track of all of your important client relations. Try our CRM for 14 days completely free to see how it can help support you and your team.

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