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Have a productive day, every day

When you juggle too much your IQ reduces, so here's how Capsule keeps you focused and intelligent!

Jo White · May 16, 2019
Have a productive day, every day

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It’s so easy to be distracted during the work day. It’s not uncommon to be working on multiple projects at any one time. But ticking off a to-do list doesn’t necessarily make you more productive, focusing on fewer things on the other hand, does.

When we live in a data driven world, there’s so much information available on our customers that it can sometimes be distracting. You get so absorbed in the data you lose hours, even days.

A CRM system is all about simplifying customer data so you aren’t distracted by unnecessary information and it should do a lot of the data analysis for you too.

Focus on less to do more

At Capsule we’re all about minimizing unnecessary complications, it’s part of our culture. When it comes to our CRM system we focus you on what’s important - your customer.

Imagine opening up your CRM and instead of seeing a colossal amount of contacts and data for the whole business, you just saw your own? It would be like your own mini CRM, focused entirely on your specific customers.

That’s how our Growth Plan work. You can assign contacts, opportunities, cases and tasks to individual people or teams so they only see what they need to see. They get ultimate focus.

This helps keep the CRM clean as it's clear which person or team is responsible for their own data so they can easily maintain it.

When sales people are out on the road it's great for them too, as they can quickly get to the information they need on their mobile device and be more productive.

From a security point of view this approach is fantastic as you can restrict access to only those that need it.

Team work not siloed

Focus can easily become silo working so it's useful to consider ways to regularly bring people together outside of the CRM. Teams usually get together monthly or even weekly and perhaps that’s a good time to switch focus to business performance and interact with other teams to discuss all opportunities.

The Director or Vice President of a team is likely to have access to the whole team’s or even business' data. They can focus on the big picture, spot trends and crossovers easily, leaving individuals to focus on their own area of work.

When it comes to reports, the same thinking applies, a person can either access reports for just their contacts or if they're part of a team, the whole team.

In the case of sales, it can be quite motivational to see how well another person is performing in the team as it keeps the competitive spirit alive, others might see it as a distraction. The great thing is, the choice is yours.

Capsule boosts your IQ

Did you know that juggling many tasks not only reduces productivity but it can actually lower your IQ by an average of 10 points? It takes a huge toll on your brain compared to focusing on one thing at a time. It makes sense when you think about it.

With this in mind, you could say that Capsule's razor sharp focus on the data you need, means it boosts your IQ by 10 points - now there's a thought!

If you would like to try Capsule for free and potentially improve your IQ, sign up to our 14 day free trial.