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Best email marketing courses

Want to boost your email marketing skills by taking an email marketing course? Click here for Capsule’s top suggestions.

Rose McMillan · May 16, 2024
Best email marketing courses

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Taking the right approach to email marketing is key for businesses of all kinds. For your email marketing campaigns to work as intended, you’ve got to get a lot of different puzzle pieces into place. Compelling content, effective CTAs and eye-catching subject lines are just a few of the elements you’ll need to get right.

With that in mind, it’s worth boosting your email marketing skills with a course.

Taking an online email marketing course is a great way to gain new insights into the importance of email marketing and how to adjust your email marketing approach to achieve the best possible results, such as learning how to write great sales emails.

Many email marketing courses allow you to hear from experts in the field, allowing you access to valuable insights and up-to-date email marketing techniques.

Of course, you must choose the right course for you, considering your current skill level, budget and exactly what elements of email marketing you want to upskill in.

We’ve put together a rundown of some of the best email marketing courses on offer, including tips on deciding which email marketing courses you should do.

Google Digital Garage: Promote a business with online advertising

At a glance

Skill level: Beginner Duration: Approx. three hours Cost: Free

Google’s Digital Garage is full of incredible digital marketing tools for small businesses looking to maximise brand awareness and make an impression online, with courses that help business owners to develop a wide range of desirable new skills.

One of their many courses teaches learners how to promote a business with online advertising, offering tips that can be used to create an effective online marketing strategy that attracts your ideal customers.

This course isn’t solely focused on email marketing, rather, it’s made up of five different modules, each helping you develop your knowledge of online advertising.

One of these five modules is dedicated to effective email marketing. ‘Connect through email’ is a five-part module that covers email marketing basics, your personal options for email marketing, advice on crafting great marketing emails, how to manage successful email campaigns and how to measure success in email marketing.

At the end of the module, you’ll take a quiz to see just how much you’ve learned about effective email marketing.

This course has an estimated duration of just three hours, so you can complete this course in an afternoon - and with each module lasting around 30 minutes, each part of the course is surprisingly easy to digest, suiting different learners. Best of all, like many of Google’s very useful resources, this course is free.


This course is a great choice for absolute beginners. If you’re a business owner just starting out and managing your email marketing campaigns, this will equip you with all the basic skills required to design, manage and measure effective email marketing campaigns.

All-in-all, this course is very well-suited to those who are just beginning on their learning journey - and since it’s free, there’s nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

CXL: Email marketing fundamentals

At a glance:

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate Duration: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes Cost: Subscription only, from £100 per month

About this course

CXL specializes in delivering in-depth marketing training through online courses, so it’s no surprise that this course contains a whole host of invaluable information for anyone looking to upskill in email marketing.

The Email Marketing Fundamentals course is delivered by Jessica Best, owner and Chief Strategist for digital marketing strategy consultancy BetterAve. And with over 15 years of experience in email marketing, Jess has plenty of expert knowledge to share with CXL learners.

This course comprises 15 lessons, all broken down into multiple bite-sized videos. It’s been designed this way to make learning simple and effective, avoiding overwhelming learners throughout its two-and-a-half-hour runtime.

During this course, you’ll learn about CRM best practices for email marketing, developing your approach to email copywriting, how to grow your email list, using data to adapt your email marketing approach, and more.

By the end, learners are equipped with many key skills needed to produce wildly effective email marketing campaigns that drive a high ROI.

You’ll earn a certificate at the end of this course, too - upon completion of the Email Marketing Fundamentals course, you’ll be a certified ‘LinkedIn Ads Experimentation master’.


According to CXL, this course is designed for learners who create the strategy and content for email marketing campaigns but haven’t had any formal email marketing training. This means that, while the course is comprehensive, it’s designed to be accessible for email marketers with little experience.

As for course costs, the downside is that this course is only available to CXL subscribers. There are a range of subscription options for both businesses and individuals, with an individual’s annual subscription starting £100 per month and offering access to over 100+ online marketing courses, including further email marketing courses.

Guillaume Moubeche: Master Cold Email Outreach

At a glance

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate Duration: Varies between learners Cost: $297

About this course

Lemlist founder Guillaume Moubeche is the creator and presenter of the Master Cold Email Outreach masterclass, which aims to help businesses looking to improve the success rate of their B2B cold email campaigns.

If you want to improve your approach to cold email outreach marketing rather than targeting existing customers, this course is ideal.

You’ll learn how to rethink their approach to cold email outreach, with modules designed around defining your target audience, encouraging responses from recipients, creating effective follow-up emails and more.

Moubeche claims that, upon completion of the course, learners will be able to stand out from competitors, acquire new clients and, ultimately, increase their ROI within their email marketing campaigns.

Along with lifetime access to 34 videos included as part of the course, learners will also have access to email templates designed by Guillaume, ongoing course updates and an invitation to a private Slack community with fellow learners and Guillaume himself.

You do need to join a waitlist for this masterclass, making it less ideal for those looking for email marketing courses immediately. However, if your focus is on developing cold emailing skills rather than skills for general email marketing, it may be worth signing up.

When you receive your invitation to start, you’ll be asked to pay $297 for the full course. As for the duration of this course, it’s very much down to the individual learner, since this course is entirely self-taught.


Given the cost and requirement to join a waiting list, this course isn’t as immediately accessible as others on this list. However, if your focus is on improving your approach to cold email marketing, this may be well worth the money and time.

Udemy: Start Growing Your Own Email List Today

At a glance

Skill level: Beginners Duration: Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes Cost: £39.99 (free to Udemy subscribers)

About this course

This course, available through Udemy, is designed and delivered by Phil Ebiner. It aims to teach participants key skills to grow their email list.

During the Start Growing Your Own Email List Today course, you’ll learn to attract new mailing list sign-ups, design customizable opt-in boxes, build an email list using free tools, drive traffic to your website and improve conversions from mailing lists.

Most of the course is delivered through video lectures, with 34 videos in total. The modules also include exercises that can be used to put your new knowledge to the test.

You’ll also receive access to downloadable resources and articles and a certificate of completion after finishing the course.

This course is designed for ‘email marketing newbies’ and is relatively affordable. Learners can access all 34 videos and accompanying resources for a one-time payment of £39.99.

It’s also included within a Udemy subscription, which starts at just £15 per month - you can even trial one of Udemy’s personal plans for free. This is a great option for any learner looking to further their knowledge by studying other email marketing courses after completing their first.


This course offers great value for money and delivers plenty of detail within its 150-minute run-time. Being broken down into 34 videos makes this course very easy to digest, especially if you’re a business owner looking to squeeze in a few sessions at a time in between your usual business duties.

SimpliLearn: Advanced Email Marketing

At a glance

Skill level: Beginner Duration: Five hours Cost: Free

About this course

If you’re looking to enhance your skills but don’t have the budget for expensive email marketing courses, the Advanced Email Marketing course available through SimpliLearn is a good choice.

This course is designed to take email marketing beginners through the basics of email marketing, with more advanced content included towards the end of the course to support your continued upskilling.

You’ll learn about the fundamental concepts of email marketing, customer outreach, how to drive traffic through emails, tips for growing your email list and how you can design effective, interesting email campaigns that drive ROI.

This is one of the most comprehensive courses on the list, with the ten modules offering a high level of detail to learners.

You’ll also receive a certificate of completion after finishing this course. There are no prerequisites for joining - all you need is a desire to learn more about advanced email marketing.


Overall, this course offers great value despite being entirely free and is well worth the time and effort for anyone interested in studying email marketing courses.

While its five-hour duration makes it fairly long compared to similar email marketing courses, the content within is relevant and easy to understand. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny, so it’s worth taking a look.

SkillShare: Email Marketing Essentials

At a glance

Skill level: Beginner Duration: 28 minutes Cost: Free to SkillShare subscribers

About this course

Delivered by Mailchimp’s Kate Kiefer, this course is the shortest on the list - you can complete the Email Marketing Essentials course in under half an hour. However, despite the short running time, this course covers plenty of ground.

This class includes information on the best practices for writing your emails, how to optimize each written element of a marketing email, developing content ideas for email marketing campaigns, and, tips for editing your emails.

This is not a comprehensive course by any stretch but is a great choice for anyone looking to dip their toe into email marketing courses and pick up some basic email marketing skills.

This course is available exclusively to SkillShare subscribers, so you’ll need to be a SkillShare member to access the content. However, you may be eligible for a free trial, which gives you plenty of time to finish this masterclass, but to explore the other email marketing courses available on SkillShare, too.


If you’re looking for a quick way to brush up on your email marketing skills, Skillshare is ideal It’s short enough to complete it within a single sitting but still delivers plenty of essential information.

Overall, this is a great first stop for anyone looking for an introduction to email marketing courses or just a reminder of key information.

LinkedIn Learning: Email Marketing Strategy and Optimization

At a glance

Skill level: Beginner Duration: Approx. one hour Cost: £22.99 (free to LinkedIn Learning subscribers)

About this course

LinkedIn Learning is a great place for anyone looking to brush up on their marketing skills through email marketing courses, with different options available to prospective learners.

However, for an overview of email marketing, we recommend the Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization course, delivered by marketing consultant Virginia O’Connor.

This course can be completed in an hour and is designed to teach learners how to refine essential marketing email types, examine how your emails fit your objectives and optimize all aspects of your email marketing strategy.

There are four chapters to the course, each concluding with a quiz to test your knowledge.

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion - this certificate can even be pinned to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your email marketing knowledge.

You can access this course for a one-time payment of £22.99 or free with a LinkedIn Learning subscription, with a one-month free trial available to new subscribers.


While this course won’t offer an in-depth look at email marketing or walk you through any particularly advanced skills or a whole email marketing campaign, it’s a great option for any learner looking for affordable, concise email marketing courses to offer them an introduction to the topic.

Are email marketing courses online worth it?

Online email marketing courses are always worth looking into if you’re looking to brush up on your email marketing skills.

Most of the courses on this list are very flexible, making them a great fit if you're trying to squeeze learning into a hectic schedule.

You can work away at the modules bit by bit, generally at your own pace—no rush and no fuss.

If you're the type who can laser-focus, the right course could help you nail down the essentials of email marketing in no time.

Of course, the real challenge begins when the email marketing course ends. Kicking off your first email campaign is a demonstration of your new-found skills. That's your chance to put all your knowledge to the test and become an email marketing specialist.

Like any good craft, perfecting email marketing and an email marketing campaign takes time and practice. The more you experiment and apply what you've learned, the better your campaigns will get. Stick with it, and you'll soon see your efforts pay off.

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Our email marketing tools can be used to run email campaigns to Capsule contacts, easily sync contacts between platforms and take a valuable look at how recipients interact with your emails. We’ve created the ultimate email and marketing automation toolkit, rich with features that are easy to use, whatever your level of understanding. Try Capsule CRM for free now.


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