Caller ID support for Capsule Mobile

Tom Bell posted in Product July 8, 2019

The caller ID feature is now available on the iOS Capsule Mobile app. If a Capsule contact calls you, but you’ve not got their number stored in your phone, you’ll still see it’s them calling you.

By taking advantage of the call directory support in iOS, any numbers not in your iOS contacts will be checked against those in the Capsule app. If the contact is stored in Capsule, you’ll see their details when they call.

You’ll never be left wondering who’s on the other end of the phone. Instead, you can greet all your customers in a friendly, more personable way.

Little touches like this get your conversations off to a good start and make people on the other end feel valued. It all helps you build strong customer relationships.

How to set up caller ID

This is really quick and easy to do.

  • Update your Capsule mobile app and log in

  • Go to iOS Settings, Phone, Call Blocking & Identification. Toggle the Capsule switch to ‘on.’

  • Go to the Capsule mobile app Settings, Caller identification. Tap to go to a new screen with a couple of options.

Pick a country to use as the default country code for phone numbers on your Capsule contacts that don’t have a country code. For example if your phone numbers are from the United Kingdom, select United Kingdom (+44)

Once you’ve selected a country, tap the toggle to enable caller identification.

That’s it. Now you’ll know when a Capsule contact is calling you.

We hope you find this feature useful. If you’ve got any feedback or questions let us know.

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