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40+ sales memes that you should definitely look at during work hours

Sometimes, when your prospect or sales manager is being a pain, you need to let off some steam. Do it with our 40 best sales memes post.

Rose McMillan · October 17, 2023
40+ sales memes that you should definitely look at during work hours

So, your last sales meeting didn’t go so well. You came across a sales objection you found difficult to handle. Or you’re struggling to identify which sales technique that’ll help you close that pesky deal that’s been dragging on for months.

Sometimes, you need to take some time out of your day to decompress and look at some sales memes. Because, sometimes it helps to laugh - especially at ourselves.

1. Nothing can keep salespeople from managing their leads

No better feeling than watching a lead move along the pipeline. Even better when all that customer data is in one location so you can keep an eye on it via your CRM.

2. You’ll struggle to find anyone more patient than us

Sales is very much a waiting game. Even the most seemingly keen prospects can unexpectedly become ghosts.

3. We’re not always great at managing our personal life

A 40 hour work week? You mean part-time?

4. How does a day slip away so fast?!

You start the day with such good intentions, then suddenly it’s 5 pm and your to-do-list is still the length of your arm.

5. You’re not proud of it but…

You know you definitely shouldn’t put up with it but that commission is way too tempting to say anything.

6. There’s no one braver than a salesperson

Killer clowns? Zombies? That’s nothing compared to a sudden unexpected call from a prospect - that’s not your life on the line, it's your commission!

7. “I’ll see what I can do”

Customers are always looking for the best deal, it’s understandable! But even when you’ve exhausted every discount available there are some that are still looking for ways to save a few pennies.

8. We can withstand an emotional rollercoaster

Sales isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a whirlwind sometimes. You can go from top of the world to miserable in the time it takes to make a phone call!

9. Big mistake!

Doesn’t matter how good your pitch is, or how many pain points and objections you overcome, some prospects just don’t know what they’re missing.

10. We’ve all heard this before

We’ll get over it eventually, just let us sulk for a little bit first.

11. Sales can’t be that stressful right?

A week of cold calling and dealing with sales objections can take its toll after a while. Remember to take a break sometimes!

12. Hard to say no to temptation

You know you need to close that deal before starting something new. But that high-value prospect is looking very promising, you’d be a fool not to take a quick look.

13. Like two different people

Most of your clients would be shocked to see what they’re really like behind closed doors. Guess that’s why it’s hard for them to believe that we really can’t do better than our last quote!

14. They don’t always know best

Sales managers are only human, but that doesn’t make a lost opportunity hurt any less.

15. Yet somehow you’re still to blame

It’s not your fault we’re in a difficult economy!

16. Setbacks make success even sweeter

Setbacks make success even sweeterIt might’ve taken weeks, even months to get there, but there’s nothing better than closing a deal with a reluctant prospect.

17. Even pros get knocked down

When it comes to cold calls, you never know what you’re gonna get. Even pros get nervous when reaching out to a cold lead, so be ready for anything, especially rejection.

18. It can be harder than it looks

It might seem simple but those calls can last all day.

19. And it never truly gets easier

Speaking of rejection, sales roles and setbacks go hand in hand. But that doesn’t make that third ‘no’ of the day hurt any less - or the fourth or fifth.

20. “I’ll just focus on the key points”

It’s hard to be brief when you stand by the product you’re selling. But prospects don’t want to be bored, so avoid unnecessary details that they don’t need.

21. Classics are classics for a reason

Thinking of innovative interview questions can be tough, but the hit film Wolf of Wall Street has a lot to answer for! Sales managers, you might want to skip this question next time.

22. No time to waste!

Is there such a thing as too direct? In sales, there’s no time to waste, especially when there’s commission on the line.

23. Sales isn’t always a team sport

Sales is a competitive game. So after weeks of meetings and outreach, there’s no way you’re letting someone else take your sale!

24. When the leads just aren’t going your way

Not every month is your month. But try telling that to your sales manager!

25. If you’re gonna do it, do it right!

Badly written CRM notes are some of the biggest pet peeves for sales managers. So if you want to stay on their good side make sure your entries are detailed and concise.

26. Please, not again

Cold calls are challenging at the best of times and making them over and over again can drive even the most resilient crazy.

27. Sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong

So you have to learn to roll with the punches and make the best of things.

28. Resilience and perseverance is key

If you don’t keep on getting back up you’ll never make it!

29. One in a million

All those setbacks eventually lead to that one perfect prospect. And once you find them, you’ll wanna use every sales trick in the book to keep them happy and close the deal.

30. Prospects sure know how to keep us guessing

Even when they’re keen, closing the deal can be a challenge - and a frustrating one!

31. We know marketing is trying their best but…

If we could get some contact details with it too, that would be great!

32. Don’t underestimate the power of teamwork

Sales and marketing alignment is important, without it, you’re just blindly working against each other.

33. If it works, it works!

Everyone else in the team tries to give them a wide berth, but their numbers speak for themselves so who are you to judge?

34. Why limit your options?

Inside sales can be a great tool, but haven’t we all had enough of ‘remote meetings’?

35. The unsung hero of any sales team

You sometimes wonder if you’re more coffee than a sales rep. Or if salespeople are single-handedly funding the coffee industry.

36. Anything to start a conversation

Salespeople’s small talk is unmatched, we’ll talk about anything and everything to try and form a connection.

37. They’ll learn eventually

Doesn’t matter how many times you tell them, a prospect will always claim they know best.

38. Desperate times call for desperate measures

Some call it annoying, we call it persistent!

39. Music to our ears!

It doesn’t happen often, but it's a great way to get started on closing the deal!

40. Sometimes everything goes to plan

Every now and then the stars align! So make the most of it and don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

41. You might not know how it happened but you’re glad it did!

Every sale process comes with a few setbacks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t right the ship!

42. But there’s no better feeling than when it all comes together in the end

Nothing will stop us from showing the world that we closed our sale!

43. But sadly things don’t always work out

This one hurts….

44. But when they do, there’s not better feeling

A good sales pitch will have you on cloud nine!

45. A whole different type of pain

Even worse when you’re nowhere near your target.

46. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!