Announcing Capsule API v2

We’re excited to announce version two of the Capsule API. The API enables developers to build integrations that connect Capsule to other systems and extend the capability of Capsule. Popular integrations that make use of our API include Mailchimp, PieSync, HelpScout and Zapier. API v2 makes it even easier for developers to build integrations with Capsule.

cartoon representing construction work on the capsule app

While this is largely a release for the benefit of developers, as a Capsule user you’ll also see improvements as developers upgrade their integrations to API v2. For example, integrations using the new API will be listed in their own settings page so it’s easy to see and control the integrations that you have enabled. Integrations on API v2 also have access to an expanded set of functions that enable deeper and smarter integrations.

If you’re a developer, you’ll find that API v2 retains the simple RESTful approach of v1 and introduces new features to improve development, such as OAuth 2 and a richer set of API endpoints and data per request.

API v1 will continue to work until January 31, 2018. We encourage developers to start planning their migration to API v2 now. We’ve tried to make the migration process as easy as possible and have written a migration guide that summarises the changes between API v1 and v2. We also welcome you to join the developer conversation if you have any questions and to help us continue improving our API.

If you’re a developer of a service that hasn’t already integrated with Capsule, we’d love for you to check out the new API. We have a friendly development team who are always happy to answer any questions. We’re super excited to see new integrations that extend our ecosystem with unique and useful ways to take advantage of Capsule.

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