Announcing Xero and KashFlow Integration

Duncan Stockdill posted in Product April 15, 2009

This blog post was written before Javelin was renamed to Capsule. See this post for more details.

Today we’ve made it easier for small businesses to better manage their customers by integrating the best CRM with the best online accounting systems, Xero and KashFlow. CRM and accounting are both important functions for most small businesses. CRM provides the tools to manage relationships with prospective and existing customers, and accounting systems provide the tools to manage your financial success.

Typically these systems have been disconnected, so when updating a customer in your CRM you have to duplicate that change in the accounting system. Of course, in practise time is tight and the these systems often drift out of date. Equally important, you want to see everything you know about a customer in one place. The CRM provides the customer dashboard, so why would you want to switch to the accounting system to see what’s been invoiced and what’s overdue?

By integrating Javelin with these accounting systems we’ve fixed the problem. Now all information including invoicing and overdues is available from customer view in Javelin, and updates to customers are automatically applied to the accounting system so you only need update the customer in one place. This is a big step forward for small business in getting better value out of CRM and accounting.

The following screencast demonstrates how you can get started easily and start benefiting from an integrated solution. The screencast shows Xero in action and we’ve done exactly the same for KashFlow too.

The KashFlow version of the screenflow is available here.

To find out more about Xero and to sign-up for a free 30-day trial, visit

To find out more about KashFlow and to sign-up for a free 60-day trial, visit KashFlow are kindly offering Javelin customers £2/month off KashFlow when you sign-up using promo code JAVELIN01

Sign up for a free, no obligation 30-day trail of our Professional Edition to get started.

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