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5 top Clickfunnels integrations for marketing and sales automation

Explore the 5 top ClickFunnels integrations for seamless marketing and sales automation. Boost your business efficiency and streamline your workflow with these essential tools.

Rose McMillan · July 5, 2024
5 top Clickfunnels integrations for marketing and sales automation5 top Clickfunnels integrations for marketing and sales automation

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The sales funnel is the most basic term in marketing and sales. It's a way to visualize the customer journey and create a clear path that a lead must go through before becoming a paid customer. There are many tools that help build sales funnels, but Clickfunnels is one of the first and best-known in the business.

Clickfunnels lets you build landing pages for your website and turn them into lead-generating machines. The main premise of this software is that it's super easy to use, and anyone with a computer can jump right into Clickfunnels.

Even though Clickfunnels is intuitive in itself, there are many integrations that make it a sales and marketing powerhouse. Today, we explore the very best of them.

Who can use Clickfunnels integrations?

There are only two paid plans in Clickfunnels, and no matter which one you use, you can take advantage of the integration process. There are also APIs and webhooks you can use to set up a new integration with your existing tech stack.

ClickFunnels front page

If you run into any problems with the setup, you can contact the support team to get help.

Top Clickfunnels integrations for sales and marketing

If you're looking for new integrations to help you get more out of your Clickfunnels account, these are some of the top choices.

ClickFunnels screenshot

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM does not integrate natively (or directly) with Clickfunnels, but you can integrate it very easily through Zapier or Integrately. Whichever platform you choose, the integration lets you send new leads from Clickfunnels to Capsule CRM.

Here are some of the many activities you can do with your Capsule CRM account connected:

  • Create contact optins in Clickfunnels for new or updated contacts in Capsule CRM
  • Create Clickfunnels contact profiles for new or updated Capsule CRM contacts
  • Add new or updated Capsule CRM contacts to Clickfunnels mailing lists
  • Create Clickfunnels contact profiles from new or updated Capsule CRM opportunities
  • When a purchase happens in Clickfunnels, create a new record in Capsule CRM

With the two apps together, you can automate any sales workflow you can think of. In Zapier, there are many triggers and actions you can choose in both tools to save time for your sales team. There are some templates to help you get started, too, but you can create your own integration flow from scratch.


The world's most popular email marketing tool can be connected to Clickfunnels with just a few clicks. Just grab the API key from MailChimp and load it into Clickfunnels and you're good to go. Instead of Google Sheets, you can now send email addresses directly to MailChimp.

For example, you can:

  • Send leads from lead forms to MailChimp mailing lists
  • Segment leads into different lists based on Clickfunnels form data
  • Add or update subscribers in MailChimp from new Clickfunnels activities
  • Update a subscriber whenever an order in Clickfunnels is paid

There are detailed instructions on how to connect both tools on this page, but if you run into trouble, simply click the support icon and get in touch with the Clickfunnels team.


The most popular business messaging app in the world integrates with Clickfunnels too. If you want to stay up to date about new purchases or leads in Slack, connecting the two tools is a good idea.

To get the most out of the two integrated tools, you should consider what triggers and workflows you want to set up for Slack messages.

For example, you can:

  • Get messages in a dedicated Slack channel whenever someone makes a purchase
  • Post new Clickfunnels contacts as private messages or in a public Slack channel
  • Get notified in Slack about failed new purchases
  • Track Clickfunnels contact activities in Slack channels or private messages

Just to name a few examples.


Klaviyo is another well-known email marketing automation platform. Combined with Clickfunnels, it can automate email creation and help you sell more with your existing lists.

Here are some of the features you get once you integrate these tools:

  • Add new Clickfunnels paid orders to Klaviyo as subscribers
  • Update Clickfunnels contacts from Klaviyo profiles
  • Add new leads or paying customers to specific Klaviyo lists
  • Identify new contacts in Clickfunnels and send campaigns in Klaviyo

This integration can help you keep tabs on both your current and potential customers, and get new purchases through email marketing.


Sales funnels and webinars go hand in hand, and with this integration, you can make sure you never lose another webinar signup again.

Some benefits of this integration include:

  • Create new GoToWebinar registrants based on Clickfunnels activity
  • Create new GoToWebinar registrants for new contact activities in Clickfunnels
  • Create new GoToWebinar subscribers in webinars with Clickfunnels
  • Update GoToWebinar attendees from Clickfunnels

It's one of the easiest solutions for sending new leads from your funnel to a webinar and vice versa.


On its own, Clickfunnels is an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use tool. It's ideal for non-tech-savvy users and those just getting into marketing and sales. And when you connect and integrate it with the right software, it becomes the starting point of a successful customer journey.

And if you want to monitor where those leads go later, you want to create an integration with a capable but intuitive CRM. Send your Clickfunnels leads to Capsule CRM, store your customers' data, and help your sales team create an efficient workflow for closing more deals.

Sign up for your free trial of Capsule CRM to get started!