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10 best Zapier integrations to automate your workflows

Explore the 10 best Zapier integrations to automate your workflows. Boost productivity, save time, and streamline tasks with these powerful automation tools.

Rose McMillan · July 8, 2024
10 best Zapier integrations to automate your workflows10 best Zapier integrations to automate your workflows

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Looking to boost productivity and streamline your tasks? With the right Zapier integration, you can automate just about anything.

In this article, we explore the 10 best Zapier integrations that will save you time, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency across your projects and daily operations. Let's dive into automation excellence!

How to access Zapier integrations

Anyone with a free Zapier account can start setting up useful triggers and connecting different tools. The free plan allows for unlimited Zaps (an automated workflow that connects your apps and services), two-step Zaps, and AI automation.

However, if you want to get multi-step Zaps with several tools, webhooks, and email support, you're going to have to go for a paid Zapier plan, which starts at $19.99 per month.

Also, you're likely going to require paid plans on other platforms for your business as well. For example, while the free Zapier plan might work for your workflows, you may need a paid plan for a CRM or other business apps to make the two work together.

The different types of integrations on this automation platform

Zapier has over 7,000 app integrations at the time of writing this article. While most of them are available to all users, there are certain Premium Apps that only paid users can access.

You can find the full list at this list link, but it's worth mentioning a few important ones:

  • Zapier webhooks
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Shopify
  • Xero
  • Zendesk

And more, totaling 59 Premium apps as of when we wrote this piece.

The 10 best Zapier integrations to make your workday efficient

Wondering where to get started with your workflows? Here are some hand-picked Zapier integrations your business can use today.

Capsule CRM Zapier integration

Capsule is a CRM that makes it easier for your team to manage new leads and turn them into customers, reach out to them, and nurture those relationships. Through Zapier, you can link Capsule CRM to other business apps. Here are some integration examples you can copy.

  • Capsule + Google Sheets: you can import sales opportunities from Sheets to Capsule, while the Zapier integration populates all the right fields to maintain consistency
  • Slack + Capsule CRM: connect Capsule with your Slack workspace and with different filters, you can create unique notifications. For example, you can get a new message in a Slack channel for every won deal
  • WooCommerce + Capsule CRM: add new orders from your WooCommerce store as contacts in Capsule
  • Typeform + Capsule CRM: create new entries in the CRM every time someone fills out a Typeform

The possibilities for creating new workflows are endless. The best part is that you can integrate Zapier with Capsule for free - you don't need a paid account on either app to improve your businesses productivity.

Grab a free trial of Capsule today!

Google Sheets

For many teams, Google Sheets is the hub for their data and operations. When you connect your account to Zapier, you can use countless triggers and actions to build a more efficient marketing, sales, or business process.

Slack + Sheets: send a new Slack message to a channel every time a row is updated in Sheets

Google Calendar + Sheets: create a new row in Sheets every time a new event is created in Google Calendar

Trello + Sheets: create new Trello cards from Sheets rows

Gmail + Sheets: create a system to send out a new email every time a row is updated in Sheets

It's best to do detailed research on this integration because there are many useful triggers and actions you can set up based on how you use this app.


You likely use Gmail for private or business communications and with Zapier, you can create triggers and actions that enhance its functionality.

Here are some ways you can automate Gmail actions with Zapier.

Gmail + Google Drive: save new attachments from emails to your Google Drive storage

Gmail + Typeform: get email notifications about new form submissions and send follow-up emails to those accounts through Zapier

Gmail + Facebook Ads: send email notifications every time a new Facebook ad lead is submitted

Gmail + Google Calendar: send an email reminder an hour before a new event is up in Google Calendar

Since Gmail is free and you can use this integration with a free Zapier account, it's worth exploring what you can create and automate with these tools.


Slack has many integrations on its own, and connecting it with Zapier allows for an unlimited combination of actions for users. If you need help with creating workflows with Slack and Zapier, here are some ways to connect the two apps.

Google Forms + Slack: send a Slack message every time a new Google Form submission comes in through Zapier

Gmail + Slack: send new emails as Slack messages in dedicated channels

Slack + Calendly: connect the two tools to get Slack messages for every new Calendly calendar invite

Stripe + Slack: get data about failed Stripe payments directly in a Slack channel as a new message

There are almost infinite ways to combine Slack with business apps through Zapier and automate your workflows, so it's best to explore them all first.

Google Calendar

Zapier can maxmize the capabilities of the tools in Google Workspace, and if you book loads of meetings, the Google Calendar integration is a no-brainer. Here is how you can connect this app with various other tools through Zapier to automate tasks and save time.

Microsoft Outlook + Google Calendar: when you have events in Outlook, they automatically get added to your Google Calendar

Google Calendar + Notion: every new calendar entry is added to a Notion database

SMS + Google Calendar: get text messages for upcoming Google Calendar events just before they begin

Google Calendar + Todoist: create Todoist tasks out of new Google Calendar events

If your business has many meetings, it's worth exploring the best combinations of Zapier and Google Calendar.

Google Drive

This app allows you to create, manage and sync files in the cloud easily, and the free account gives you 15GB of storage. You can combine it with different apps to get customer data, store internal files and data and more. Here are some suggestions on what to automate.

Google Drive + Zoom: upload new recordings of Zoom videos directly to Drive

Docusign + Google Drive: store new Docusign documents in Drive after they are signed

Google Drive + Dropbox: when new files are added to Google Drive, make copies in Dropbox

Instagram + Google Drive: save new Instagram posts to Drive after publishing

With a variety of triggers, tasks and actions, your team can safely store important data on Drive through Zapier.


One of the most popular tools for email marketing, Mailchimp allows you to create new campaigns, manage and segment your email lists, and more. And with Zapier's triggers, you can create a variety of automation with this tool as well. Here are some examples.

Facebook Ads + Mailchimp: add new Facebook leads as contacts in Mailchimp, in specific email lists

Typeform + Mailchimp: add new subscribers from Typeform opt-in forms as contacts in Mailchimp

Webflow + Mailchimp: send new contact data from your website on Webflow to Mailchimp lists

Calendly + Mailchimp: add new booked Calendly meeting participants to Mailchimp as subscribers


Transpond is a simple marketing platform that can help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns. And guess what? You can link it with Zapier, too!

With Zapier's seamless integration, you can now effortlessly connect and sync Transpond Campaigns, Subscribers, and more across your favorite apps.

Link Transpond to thousands of apps with just a few clicks. Enjoy the flexibility of connecting all the dots in your workflow. No programming skills required – anyone can do it!

Google Forms

If paying for an app such as Typeform or Jotform is not acceptable, you can use the free Google Forms platform instead. It's a fairly simple and easy way to get data from customers, site visitors and then send it whenever - with Zapier. Here are some suggestions.

Google Forms + Discord: send data from Google Forms to a Discord channel

Google Forms + Notion: push Google Form info to Notion as databases with the right tags and additional information

Google Forms + Asana: create and update Asana tasks with Google Forms entries

Google Forms + SMS: get an SMS every time a new form submission happens


Trello is one of the most prevalent project management tools in the world, for many reasons. Primarily, you can use it for building processes and sharing info entirely free. Second, it's very easy to use. We'd like to add a third reason to the list: you can Zap pretty much anything with this tool.

For example:

Trello + Zapier: schedule Zapier to automatically create cards in Trello at specific times during the day or week

Trello + Gmail: create Trello cards from Gmail threads

Trello + Jotform: create new Trello cards from Jotform submissions in real time

Trello + Github: create a new card from Github issues

Alternatively, if you don’t want to create a Zap for a Trello, Capsule CRM has Projects, our project management feature built into our tool.

What Zaps will you create?

Before you purchase a Zapier subscription, it's worth spending some time to get familiar with what this tool can do for your workflows and processes. Even better, you can take a look at the tools your team is using and see if a Zapier integration exists for it. We've listed some of the best integrations to make your job easier and optimize how you get work done.

And if you do sales, a reliable CRM tool is a must. Capsule is easy to use and affordable, but comes with a range of great integrations, including Zapier.

Grab your free trial today and get started with Capsule.