CRM for restaurants

Make customer relationship management a piece of cake. Drive exceptional customer service for your restaurant with Capsule. Integrate it seamlessly with your marketing tools, and ensure every booking is personalized and memorable.

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Dish up team collaboration

Drive success in your restaurant by ditching manual data entry and improving collaboration with rich, actionable diner insights. Capsule's restaurant CRM system effortlessly compiles emails, calls, reservations, and feedback—into one centralized database.

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Set the table for success

Capsule's user-friendly setup is straightforward and designed to deliver value quickly. Our restaurant CRM system is the secret sauce to quick adaptation and minimal training, letting your staff serve up efficiency on a silver platter from day one.

Measure your restaurant's performance

Gain insights into your restaurant's performance with Capsule by tracking the number of repeat customers, the effectiveness of your loyalty programs, and the impact of your marketing campaigns. Capsule helps you manage your restaurant's performance and create strategies that enhance diner satisfaction and keep your business growing.

Customize your CRM to fit you

Customize Capsule to perfectly fit the unique needs of your restaurant with up to 50 custom fields and activity types available in our Growth and Advanced plans. From managing reservations to tracking specific diner preferences and creating multiple service pipelines, our CRM is designed for you to fit your restaurant's specific requirements.

Find the right fit with our integrations

Drive your restaurant's performance and customer insight by blending Capsule with a range of other solutions. Discover our range of integrations available with Capsule's restaurant CRM solution, designed to automate your workflow. From managing reservations to personalized marketing campaigns, these integrations are the key to better customer retention.

See all our integrations

Transpond is our intuitive email marketing app that integrates seamlessly with Capsule.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks helps you streamline your accounting processes and stay on top of finances.


Use the Capsule CRM integration for Xero and get one complete view of your business.


Capsule is your Gmail-integrated CRM to store contacts, add tasks, and track sales with ease.

Why restaurants should use CRM systems

Ever-changing customer behavior and tastes make standing out in the restaurant industry a challenge that requires more than just a good menu.

Restaurant owners must keep pace with evolving technologies too, so they can exceed diner expectations with every meal served. And that's not all: they need to take care of pre- and post-visit service like never before. It’s not just about food, but the experience.

Using a CRM system tailored for restaurants can be the solution to improving service, knowledge, and overall dining experience. Here's a taste of why investing in the best restaurant CRM solutions is a recipe for success in the world of food service:

Grow your restaurant's reach with Capsule's comprehensive CRM solutions

Capsule's CRM solution offers a suite of tools. Our solution ensures that restaurant owners can manage customer relationships and guest data.

Capture every detail, from customer interactions to dining preferences, so that your team delivers the ultimate customer experience.

Explore Capsule's free CRM for restaurants

Capsule offers a free CRM designed for restaurant owners. Manage up to 250 contacts and improve customer loyalty without cost. It's an ideal start to better customer relationship management. Try our solution risk-free with a 14-day trial. After the trial, choose from Starter, Growth, Advanced, or Ultimate plans or simply choose our Free plan to continue improving your dining experience and customer management.

Chosen by restaurant professionals globally

Capsule CRM stands for reliability, efficiency, and excellence. Thousands of professionals across the industry rely on us to manage customer data. Our comprehensive CRM solution is the go-to choice for those seeking to improve their restaurant CRM and customer database management.

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