CRM for customer service

Customer service is more than just a department - it's the foundation of every business. And every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a positive impression and build long-lasting relationships. Create meaningful customer relationships with Capsule CRM for customer service.

Customer service agent talking on the phone

360-degree view of your customers

Capsule comes with a complete view of your customers, which can help you offer personalized and exceptional experience that sets your business apart.

With customer information at your fingertips, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences, needs, and behaviors. This knowledge lets you anticipate their needs, tailor your offerings to their preferences, and provide proactive support.

Customer support for customer service

Just like how you provide excellent service to your customers, we also offer top-tier customer support to all Capsule users. We take customer service support very seriously. We understand that our clients rely on our CRM to manage their customer interactions, and any issues or concerns they have must be addressed promptly and effectively. That's why we provide fast and efficient customer support to our clients—approximately 96% of support tickets are answered within 24 hours.

Manage contacts

More than automation

In addition to standard features like contact and case management, we offer a range of advanced features that can help businesses take their customer service to the next level.

Whether you're looking to automate your customer management processes or gain valuable insights into customer behavior, our CRM system has the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Unlimited customization

We offer a range of customization options, including the ability to create custom fields and workflows, and to configure the system to match your unique business processes. We let our clients adapt Capsule to their specific needs, rather than having to change their processes to fit the CRM.

Discover the benefits of mobility and compatibility

Capsule is designed to be mobile compatible because we understand that businesses need to be able to manage their customer interactions on the go and across different devices. Capsule is user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple and consistent user interface across all devices and platforms.

Do even more with integrations

Get more done in a day by connecting Capsule to all your favorite software - giving you one complete view of your customer. Find out more about Capsule's wide range of integrations that you can use to automate and optimize your customer service processes.

See all our integrations

Capsule is your Gmail-integrated CRM to store contacts, add tasks, and track sales with ease.


A comprehensive customer success platform, minimizing churn and supporting business growth. UK only.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Capsule to create an agenda view of upcoming events.

Wufoo Forms

Submit new contacts and leads directly into Capsule using a form on your website.

The role of CRM in customer service

The concept of CRM has been around since the 1970s, but it wasn't until the 1990s that the term "CRM" was first coined. In the early days, CRM systems were mainly used as database tools for managing customer information, but over time they evolved to become more sophisticated, with additional features such as automation, analytics, and reporting.

Now, the role of CRM in customer service is undeniably crucial. CRMs, and their ever-evolving features, help the customer service industry provide exceptional customer experiences and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

Here are the reasons why you should consider a CRM for customer service support:

Offer customer service support anywhere with Capsule on mobile

Ideally, customer service should be 24/7. Accessible customer service support is critical for meeting customer expectations, resolving issues quickly, gaining a competitive advantage, reaching customers globally, and building a positive brand reputation. Knowing this, we offer Capsule CRM app on mobile to improve your mobility when offering customer service support.

Free CRM for customer service

If you're still in the process of exploring the various possibilities offered by a CRM for enhancing customer service support, then Capsule is the ideal platform for you. Our free version is available for businesses and customer service representatives—with up to 250 contacts on storage. Capsule provides access to all the fundamental features of a powerful CRM for customer service, allowing you to enhance your customer management process, automate administrative tasks, and begin adopting new technologies.

We also offer a 14-day free trial for all our paid plans, which can be canceled at any time and does not require credit card information. During this complimentary period, you can use both the website version and mobile app. If you decide to proceed with a plan, you can choose from our four paid plans: Starter, Growth, Advanced and Ultimate.

Trusted by thousands of customer service reps worldwide

Capsule CRM’s name is synonymous with integrity, productivity, and functionality. That’s why we’re trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.