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Know what works to seal the deal? Set up a series of tasks each becoming active one after the other to help ensure that you never miss a step.

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What is a track?

A track is a series of tasks that you predefine. Tracks can be applied to sales opportunities or cases and help make sure you and your team have a consistent approach to deals or projects. The next task in the sequence becomes active either a set number of days after the track begins, or a set number of days after the previous task is completed.

Match your business processes with Tracks

Calculate relative due dates

Each task in a track can be linked to the previous task. For example, a "call back" task can be set as due 5 days after an "initial call" task, or a track can work towards a relative end date.

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A winning strategy

Why use a track?

You know what works best for your clients. So setup a track to make sure that you always follow that same process and apply that track to each new sales opportunity you create and you never have to worry about missing a beat. Each task will become active when it's due and you'll be on your way to selling more with less effort.

Forward tracks

With a standard sales process it's most common that you setup the track to work forward from its start and onwards. Once a track is added to a case or opportunity however you can always choose to start the track on a specific date as opposed to just when you applied the track.

Backwards tracks

In certain situations it might be more useful for a track to work towards an end date. If you're managing an event using a case for example then there might be lots of tasks that need to be completed x days before the event date.

How to setup a track.

We have lots of great details and handy screenshots on how to setup a track in our support docs.

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