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From sales data to pipeline insights and activity stats, monitor every aspect of your sales cycle with our reports and gain insights to help you make data-led decisions.

Sales Performance

With our sales reports you’ll know exactly how your team is performing. How many opportunities are you winning or losing? Who is your top salesperson? Which team is performing the best? What is your average sales? Where in the pipeline are you losing the most deals?

  • Won/Lost opportunities by Owner
  • Won/Lost opportunities by Team
  • Won/Lost opportunities over Time
  • Leaking Pipeline
  • Average Sales Value
  • Average Time to Won

Sales Pipeline

See how each sales person is doing, are they spending too long at a particular stage? What’s your average time to close? Are you on course to meet your revenue targets?

  • Pipeline Forecast
  • Pipeline by Team
  • Pipeline by Milestone
  • Pipeline by Owner
  • Pipeline Growth

Filter by user or team

Get a more focussed view of any report by filtering by any team or owner to show you only what you need to see

Report Export

Export all of your report data or save an image of your chart for import into other tools such as Excel

Full breakdown

We provide a full breakdown of your report data in a table which can also be exported for later

Activity Reports

How many calls are your team making? Are they generating enough leads? Compare team and user activity type and volume side-by-side. Use our standard activity types or customize your own to record the sales activities that are most relevant to your business.

  • Completed by User
  • Completed by Type
google data studio

An Integration for Business Intelligence

Connect Capsule with Google Data Studio to combine multiple data sources, create interactive dashboards and build powerful reports that enable you to make better business decisions.

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Teams & Roles

Create the teams you need, assign leads and opportunities, control user access and gain useful insights with our meaningful reports.

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