Capsule vs Zoho

Looking for an alternative to Zoho CRM? Capsule combines ease of use with advanced features for fast-growing sales teams.

Why choose Capsule over Zoho CRM?

From tracking leads and conversations to advanced automation and reporting, Capsule gives you everything you need in one intuitive place.

Pricing per user $18 - 54/mo $12.50 - 55/mo
Capterra score 4.5/5 4.2/5
Sales dashboard Premium tier
Custom fields Unlimited up to 500
Storage per user on highest price plan 40GB 5GB

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide

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Get the features you need without hidden costs

Capsule is ready to go out of the box, without hidden fees. There are no onboarding or training costs and we provide unlimited cases, sales opportunities and custom fields on every plan.

Capsule is laser focused on being the best CRM

At Capsule, our mission is to create a reliable CRM your team actually loves using - so you can focus on building stronger relationships with customers.

Zoho CRM is just one part of a large suite of Zoho apps. As a result, it can take time for critical new features to be developed and rolled out.

Easy to get started

Zoho’s CRM generally requires a lot of customization and support to get started which means it can take time and training to get your team on board.

Capsule is easy to set up and tailor to your team’s workflows. And because Capsule automatically enriches your contacts with additional data, you’ll get a head start on setup too.

Stay organized and close more deals, faster

Everything in one place

Gain a complete overview of every deal and each customer interaction.

Save time

Automate processes like logging calls, meetings and follow-ups to stay productive.

Powerful sales reports

Gain insights with sales and activity reports to better prioritize sales efforts.

Integrate with your tools

Capsule connects with the apps you use to streamline your workflow.

Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide