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Top Zendesk integrations to enhance your customer service

Zendesk is an amazing customer service ticketing solution. But it does lack certain bits of functionality. We've picked our favourite integration in this blog post.

Jon Davis · June 16, 2024
Top Zendesk integrations to enhance your customer serviceTop Zendesk integrations to enhance your customer service

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Launched in 2007, Zendesk is one of the most popular tools in the world. It helps your customer support team solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Using Zendesk support works wonders, and one of the reasons for that is the massive number of integrations.

If you examine the Zendesk marketplace, you'll likely find a tool that’ll help you get the most out of your Zendesk account by combining it with other tools in your tech stack.

In this blog post, we’ll review the most valuable integrations that help you resolve Zendesk support tickets quickly and easily.

What is Zendesk and how does it work?

Zendesk is a complete customer service platform that allows you to provide superb customer experience with different tools for different use cases.

The primary one is their messaging and live chat app, allowing customers to quickly reach out to support agents through Zendesk tickets.

Currently, Zendesk has numerous AI tools for handling tickets automatically or with little human input. You can automate the initial contact and pass the ticket to a live agent later.

Zendesk also has integrated voice software, letting your customers dial in to speak with your team, and it all ties neatly into its ecosystem.

Every Zendesk integration (more than 1,000 of them) is available on the cheapest plan, starting at $55 per agent when paid annually. All plans have all the integrations in them.

Top Zendesk integrations to use in 2024 and beyond

Whether you use it for sales or customer support, there’s an integration you can use with Zendesk to make the function even better. Here are our top picks to improve your customer support and get the maximum out of the tool:

Capsule CRM

While Zendesk is excellent for customer support and handling tickets, it falls short if you're trying to build a comprehensive sales process.

Capsule CRM helps you create new pipelines, track and manage leads, nurture existing contacts, automate your sales workflow and much more to help your company win new deals.

And with a combination of Capsule and Zendesk, you no longer have to prioritize sales or customer support - you can do both simultaneously.

With the Capsule CRM integration for Zendesk, you can see and create tickets right inside a contact's profile in the CRM. This saves time and prevents you from changing platforms and missing key data.

Conversely, you can see and create Capsule contacts from within a Zendesk ticket. Connecting the two apps takes just a few minutes and you can see new tickets coming in immediately.

Ready to get started with Capsule? Sign up for your free trial of Capsule today.

Google Play reviews

If you have an app on the Google Play store, you'll get reviews from real users, and managing and replying to them all can be time-consuming.

The Zendesk integration for Google Play turns every Google Play review into a Zendesk ticket that your team can work on.

Once the Google Play review has been converted into a ticket, you can reply to those reviews directly in Zendesk without heading to the Google Play store.


Sure, it may not streamline your customer support operations, but this integration makes them more fun. With the GIPHY integration, your support agents can access countless GIF images and reply with them within their Zendesk dashboards.

Email tracking

Integrate your email tool with Zendesk and easily track the status of your outgoing emails You'll be able to see who opened your emails, responded to them, and clicked on any sent

If you want to streamline your marketing, sales, or customer support operations, this is a useful add-on that’s free and built natively by Zendesk.


Shopify is the world's most popular ecommerce platform and with Zendesk support, it gets even better. This integration lets your support agents see critical customer information when they’re serving customers.

Within Zendesk, your team can see customers' billing, shipping and order information, saving time as they don't have to manually find tickets to find relevant data.

They can also easily add comments for each entry directly in Zendesk.

The Shopify integration also has functionality where you can resolve issues like refunds and cancellations directly in Zendesk instead of navigating to Shopify.

Finally, you can connect the two tools on your website and have new live chat entries go directly to Zendesk.


If you use internet telephony, you'll know that even the most capable VoIP apps don't have every functionality your sales team might need. With the Dialpad integration for Zendesk, you can automate the tedious tasks around phone communications.

You can place customer calls directly from Zendesk, without leaving the tool. Calls and voicemails can automatically be turned into tickets, giving you insights into customer feedback and helping you track the status of each call.

Within Dialpad, you'll see customer information without leaving the tool.

Trustpilot Reviews

No matter what industry you're in, your customers will likely leave you reviews on Trustpilot, one of the most popular review websites in the world.

With this integration, you can create support tickets for each review, allowing your customer support team to respond directly to the review.

The reply in Zendesk is then automatically applied to your Trustpilot profile.

Microsoft Teams for support

This popular communication tool combined with Zendesk can help your customer support team create a comprehensive support center for your customers.

For example, this integration allows you to view, create, or update Zendesk tickets directly from Microsoft Teams. If a new ticket comes into Zendesk, you can get notified about that new record in Teams.

Also, you can use the Answer Bot in this tool to resolve issues more quickly and respond to a customer's email rapidly. Finally, you can see all the activity on a ticket (logged by each user) straight from Teams instead of jumping to Zendesk.

Improving customer success with CRM

Zendesk can do wonders for your customer support and sales teams. The breadth of its features, new AI tools, superb data privacy handling and competitive pricing are why Zendesk is a powerhouse in the customer support technology space.

With the right integrations, Zendesk can be a game-changer for your business. Speaking of game-changers, a good CRM is the foundation of every good sales and customer support team operation. At Capsule, we’ve created a CRM that is easy to use, comes packed with use features such as Contact Management, Sales Pipeline, and of course, integrates with Zendesk.

Try Capsule for 14 days, for free, here.