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Social media management packages: Which one should you choose?

Discover the value of different social media management packages and how to choose the right one for you.

Olivia MacCunn · June 5, 2024
Social media management packages: Which one should you choose?Social media management packages: Which one should you choose?

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Do you find social media marketing overwhelming? You're not alone. Over 60% of businesses face hurdles in generating engagement and accurately measuring the ROI of their social media efforts​​.

What's more, 97% of people who make online purchases have engaged with social media in the past month​​. The potential for growth and engagement through these platforms is immense, yet harnessing it requires strategic thinking and a solid understanding of what content resonates with your audience. Luckily, there are plenty of agencies offering packages to manage this for you.

The right package for managing social media can be particularly helpful. If you want to promote your brand online, you don't have to do it alone. You can get help from professionals.

Read on to find out what a social media management package is, 10 different types of social media packages, and how to choose the right bundle for your needs.

What is a social media management package?

A social media management package helps businesses handle their online presence effectively. These bundles usually include several services:

  • Developing a social media strategy;
  • Creating content like posts, graphics, and videos;
  • Scheduling and publishing content;
  • Managing community interaction and engagement;
  • Running social media ads and promotions;
  • Tracking performance and reporting analytics.

Social media marketing agencies customize these packages to fit different budgets and business sizes so that there is something for everyone.

The benefits are clear. You save time and resources, boost your social media results, keep up with the latest trends, and gain access to expert advice.

Before you choose a package, think about what your business really needs. Check what each package offers, its cost, and customer reviews. Make sure the service matches your audience and business goals. Choose wisely to make the most out of your investment in social media.

10 kinds of social media management packages

There are many types of social media management packages. Each of them comprises different features and benefits.

1. The complete social media management package

Graphic shows pie chart demonstrating the full social media marketing mix.

The full social media management package includes everything you need to improve your online profile. It makes many things easier when it comes to social media marketing, like:

  • Formulating strategies;
  • Creating interesting content;
  • Planning posts;
  • Handling community interactions;
  • Analyzing data and providing feedback;
  • Running targeted ad campaigns.

A social media marketing agency can save you time and effort by combining these services into one package. This lets you focus on other areas of your business while maintaining an active and appealing social media profile.

It's made to work across a variety of platforms so that your material connects with the right people on each one. This all-in-one method makes it easier for your audience to interact with you, resulting in better performance across all your social media profiles.

Such an inclusive package understandably comes with higher fees than more focused, platform-specific packages.

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2. Social media advertising package

Graphic depicts different social media logos to demonstrate platform-specific social media management packages

Typically, social media advertising packages encompass a range of services, from ad creation to performance analytics across multiple platforms.

These packages have some important features, such as:

  • Strategic ad placement;
  • Targeting specific audiences;
  • Keyword research;
  • Budget management.

As a result, your advertising dollars are spent effectively. Automation tools are often included to streamline the ad posting process, which helps optimize campaigns and maximize engagement and returns.

3. Platform-specific social media management package

Social media packages designed for certain platforms help you make the most of your time on Facebook, Instagram, X, or LinkedIn. The key to this kind of package is to make the most of the special characteristics and audiences of the selected platform for your business.

For example, a social media marketing company might use Instagram's visual appeal or provide educational material that speaks especially to LinkedIn professionals.

Usually, such bundles include a wide range of services catered to the particular platform. Among these are:

  • content production, scheduling, and publishing;
  • interaction tactics;
  • campaign efficacy analytics.

They are perfect for companies leveraging the capabilities and typical user behaviors common to a particular social media platform.

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4. Content scheduling and social presence package

Graphic depicts a report of presence across different social media channels.

This package lets you post regularly on a variety of different social media channels, so your brand is always visible without the customer having to do anything every day. Agencies plan material aiming for high volumes of interaction using tools like Transpond.

This service usually includes:

  • Post scheduling across various social media platforms for consistent visibility;
  • Performance monitoring and an adaptive strategy;
  • A technological approach to maintain activity on each of your accounts, alongside one-to-one reviews with your account manager.

With these packages, you can keep your social media accounts busy and interesting, and regain more time to work on other parts of your business. They use both automation and human oversight to ensure that the content is timely and valuable and fits in with your overall marketing strategy.

Automate with Transpond

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming. With the right tools, you can automate posting across platforms and ensure your content reaches your audience at the right time.

Transpond offers a seamless solution to schedule posts, manage content calendars, and track engagement from a single dashboard.

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5. Community management package

Image depicts different people dotted around the world to represent the community management package.

In a community management package, agencies interact with the people who follow your brand online. As part of this service, agencies offer immediate replies to comments, direct messages, complaints, and public posts.

Making your audience feel heard is a great way to build a loyal group. This method involves:

  • Keeping an eye on your social media to manage the reputation of your company;
  • Igniting conversations to promote genuine comments and active participation;
  • Interacting with followers and other users to build a positive community.

This could make customers more loyal and encourage them to talk about your brand. Your business can also get useful feedback from these kinds of interactions, which can help with product growth as well as improve customer service.

In essence, this package sustains and grows your brand's social media presence by keeping the talk positive and the conversation going.

6. Visual content creation package

This illustrated image of a clapper board resting on steps represents visual content creation packages for social media.

A visual social media content creation package is all about creating aesthetically appealing photos, graphics, and videos that will help your brand's social media profile.

This package makes your multimedia content stand out, without straying from your brand persona and style. High-quality videos and consistent visuals help to maintain a professional look across your social channels.

Making high-quality graphic designs that grab people's attention involves careful planning and specialized tools. Social media marketing agencies typically:

  • Create images and videos formatted to specification for different social media channels and devices;
  • Ensure the materials they supply are high quality;
  • and produce visuals based on detailed briefs to offer the greatest impact.

Effective visuals can greatly increase engagement, which is why it is so important to craft social media strategies that work.

What’s more, many visual content packages now come with advanced features like scheduling and analytics. This makes the whole process easier, from making the content to publishing it online and reviewing its success. This combination can help you get more done on social media and save you time.

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7. Onsite content creation package

Businesses that want to improve their website with new, high-quality material should get an onsite content creation package. This package usually incorporates useful blog posts, articles, and other forms of written content that improve your site and can also be repurposed for social media.

These packages are made to fit your brand's style and marketing goals, so the content will connect with your target audience and encourage them to take the actions you want.

8. Influencer outreach package

Images shows people planning optimizations for onsite content creation

Using an influencer outreach package makes it easier to find and work with influential voices in your niche or industry. This package usually takes care of all parts of influencer campaigns, from the first contact and negotiations to managing the relationship and evaluating the campaign's success.

For this service, social media marketing agencies use services like Afluencer and Heepsy to find influencers with the right following and engagement metrics. Agencies want to find influencers who:

  • Have a large following;
  • See a lot of engagement on their posts;
  • Authentically interact with their followers.

An influencer outreach package often comes with campaign management tools that let brands track and plan their interactions with multiple influencers.

This kind of package can greatly increase a brand's exposure and audience engagement by using the reputation and reach of influencers in specific communities.

While the word “influencer” might conjure up ideas of Gen Z applying beauty products or sporting flashy clothes, influencers can be anyone with authority and reach in a given interest or industry. Think Steven Bartlett and Rand Fishkin for example.

And the potential returns are nothing to turn your nose up at: influencer marketing has an average ROI of 600%, sometimes reaching 2000% when managed particularly well.

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9. Social media audits and strategy package

Image shows two men working at desks.

Social media marketing agencies offering an audit package analyze the performance of your social accounts. This means checking engagement rates, audience growth, and the effectiveness of your content. The aim is to learn what works and what doesn't.

Using these insights, the agencies can provide a personalized strategy and action plan to boost performance and contribute to your larger marketing goals.

Agencies offering this package advise on what kinds of posts to make, when to publish them, and how best to interact with your audience. They also often provide tips for managing your paid ads.

10. Social media training and consulting package

The social media training and consulting package provides essential support and guidance for businesses aiming to strengthen their internal team's ability to manage social media. Social media marketing agencies usually go through these steps:

  • Analyzing your current social media marketing strategy to pinpoint areas that need improvement;
  • Providing customized coaching on topics such as content marketing strategies, platform-specific tactics, and engagement techniques;
  • Training on analytical tools to make sure they’re measuring the right things;
  • Ongoing consultation with updates on the latest trends and tools, plus strategic advice to refine and adapt your social media marketing.

These social media marketing packages give your team the information and skills they need to effectively manage social media. It can help you get the most out of social media marketing through expert advice and thought leadership.

How to choose the right social media package

A lot goes into selecting the correct social media marketing services for your needs. There are a few things to consider before you choose a package.

Assess your needs

To choose the right social media management package from a marketing agency, conducting a SWOT analysis of your current social media efforts can be very beneficial. This involves four key steps:

  1. Strengths: Think about what your business does well on social media. This could mean having a lot of engagement, an influx of new followers, or content types that generate traffic, sign-ups, or whatever your conversion goal may be. Knowing these strengths can help you decide what to look for in social media marketing packages.
  2. Weaknesses: Figure out what parts of your plan are missing. Poor engagement on particular social media platforms, low conversion rates, or content that doesn't connect with your audience are all common problems.
  3. Opportunities: Look for things outside of your control that might help your performance on social media. This could include new tools, platforms, strategies, or markets that haven't been tapped into. With the right social media package, you can take advantage of these opportunities.
  4. Threats: Think about the problems or risks that could hurt your social media efforts, like changes to algorithmic updates, increasing competition, or changes in how people use social media. The correct social media marketing package should include ways to protect your account from these threats, so your social media profile stays strong.

Next, you should look at setting goals.

Set clear goals

Decide what you want to accomplish with your social media interactions and community management. Are you looking to boost engagement rates, grow your follower base, improve customer service responses, or drive revenue?

Once you know your goals, you can find the relevant package to support them. Here's how to set SMART goals for your social media strategy.

  1. Specific: Aim for a precise objective. For example, "Increase the engagement rate on Instagram posts by 10%";
  2. Measurable: The goal has to be quantified. In this case, tracking the engagement rate gives you tangible numbers to track;
  3. Achievable: Set goals that are realistic given your resources and timeline. If a 10% increase is reasonable based on past data, it’s a good target;
  4. Relevant: Choose goals that align with broader business objectives. E.g. “Increasing engagement can lead to higher brand visibility and sales conversions";
  5. Time-bound: Set a deadline to achieve the goal. For instance, "Achieve this 10% increase within the next quarter."

Using this example, your final SMART goal would be to increase Instagram engagement by 10% in the next quarter.

Choosing the appropriate social media bundle can help your digital marketing reach your business objectives. Search for packages that include analytics tools, as tracking your SMART goal performance requires access to first-party data.

Choose providers who offer tailored plans for the social media platforms relevant to your target market.

Understanding what's included in the package

Image depicts a blueprint, representing the your social media management package components

To choose the right package, you need to delve into the details and goals of each social media management package and how it could help meet your company's needs. Here are a few things to question and consider.

Does the package focus on daily contact and engagements; analytics that monitor the success of your campaigns and interactions; or content production involving the creation of posts, photos, and videos suited to your audience?

Check that the provided services fit your objectives. For instance, is the package proficient at managing Facebook and Instagram if that's where your target market spends most of their time? It's also worth checking if the package offers frequent analytics reports that enable you to gauge success.

You may also want to consider packages that provide scalability and flexibility to evolve with your company and social media needs.

Pricing and budget

Check that the package makes sense financially. Make a definite budget for social media management and follow it. You can avoid overspending and concentrate on packages that offer the greatest value.

Specific features and capabilities

See what features correspond to your particular objectives. If increasing engagement is your goal, you should make packages with sophisticated analytics and engagement tools your top priority. Look for options with good content production and distribution capabilities if you want to raise brand awareness.


Whether or not a package integrates with your current processes and systems can make a huge difference to your agility and efficiency. It should integrate seamlessly with your existing tools to increase productivity without interfering with your work.

Client reviews and demonstrations

Always read other customers' reviews. These can reveal information about how dependable and successful the bundle is. They can also uncover hidden costs and installation fees. If possible, ask for a demonstration to see how the service functions and whether it meets your expectations.

Once you’ve thoroughly assessed these factors, you can choose a social media management package within your price range. It should effortlessly combine

Social media management packages: summing up

Choosing the right social media management package can transform your business, offering more engagement, increased visibility, and authentic interactions that turn admirers into customers.

With the right package, your social media efforts can align perfectly with your business goals, encouraging growth and connection. For a vibrant, engaging social media presence that truly reflects the spirit of your brand, a social media management package may be the answer.

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