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40+ marketing memes to help you through the week

Let off some steam and have a chuckle at the best marketing memes the internet has to offer. Just don't let your boss catch you looking on work time.

Rose McMillan · November 24, 2023
40+ marketing memes to help you through the week

They say that if you didn’t laugh you’d cry - and there’s nothing a marketer knows more about than smiling through the pain.

If you’ve been struggling with poor engagement, budget cuts, or unrealistic clients, know that you’re not alone. It’s the life of a marketer - we’ve all been there!

So why not take a break and laugh at the obscenity of it all with the help of our favorite marketing memes.

1. Never underestimate the power of a well-timed meme post

It’s not easy trying to justify layers of internet trends and memes to a board of directors. Sometimes they just have to take your word for it.

2. Marketing is a competitive game!

While we can’t condone this behavior, we won’t lie, it is funny.

3. It’s hard being a one-man band

Being a marketer is a lot like spinning plates. Especially when you’re having to keep track of multiple channels and campaigns.

4. There’s a bit more to consider than that

We all have to start somewhere, but there’s more to marketing than a couple of social media profiles.

5. Teamwork makes the dream work

Creating marketing collateral takes time, so there’s no better feeling than when your marketing and sales team align.

6. Just why?

Why make things harder for yourself? A 301 is still an option.

7. Officer, take me away

We all have five different accounts under different fake emails right? Maybe it’s just social media marketers.

8. It’s a complicated relationship

Sales and marketing are all working towards the same goal, but sometimes we can bump heads. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying to make friends.

9. No better feeling than when a plan comes together

Managing a sales funnel is a challenge at the best of times, but when we all work together we can really get results.

10. Making content sound natural is every SEO professional’s biggest challenge

We know keywords are important, that’s why we try so hard to fit them in. But even we know when we’re overdoing it, it doesn't mean we won’t keep trying.

11. Just be grateful that things are going in the right direction

We can try to understand the numbers as much as we want. But sometimes things just work!

12. Sales teams really don’t appreciate us

Makes writing all those Google ads worth it. Never underestimate the power of a great marketing lead.

13. If it was this simple, every start-up would be successful

A good product is essential, but without a well-thought-out marketing plan you won’t reach your target audience. That’s where an expert marketing team comes in!

14. Just when things are going right, Google posts another update

Every digital marketer knows that a Google update can cause absolute havoc with your marketing plans. There’s nothing worse than finding out all your posts have dropped and you’re not even quite sure why.

15. It really does depend though!

“Should I use a 301 or a 302?” It depends. “How many times should I use my main keyword?” It depends.

We’re sorry there isn’t a straight answer, it really does depend!

16. It really is a great resource

As marketers we try to stay ahead of the latest trends and if that means we need to spend hours scrolling through endless TikToks, then we’ll make that sacrifice.

17. It’s okay, we don’t mind sharing the spotlight

Sales teams don’t want to admit it, but without us, marketers, they wouldn’t have the leads they need to close their deals.

18. Different audiences need different approaches

Audience is crucial when it comes to developing a strategy. So, we need details, not just a broad estimate.

19. That’s not a target market, that’s just wishful thinking!

We all want to believe that everyone wants our product, but your target audience isn’t everyone on Earth. Be realistic.

20. Do brand guidelines mean nothing to you?

We didn’t spend all that time working on them for you to rogue with a Canva template. Respect the brand guidelines!

21. Writer’s block is real

If you really want to scare a copywriter, hand them a blank page and a deadline.

22. That’s not how it works…

But we won’t ruin your fun, we’re sure someone will convert.

23. Some of you are still going to argue this

Sure you can buy email lists, but you’re probably just going to waste a lot of your budget. Collecting your own is the best way to ensure you get the conversion rates you want.

24. Marketers are a bit like a crazy ex…

We don’t give up easily, once you visit our site you’ll see us everywhere. Google ads, emails, - we’ll find you.

25. There’s more to marketing than going viral

But that won’t stop clients from asking for it. If we all knew how to go viral our jobs would be a lot easier!

26. It doesn’t happen often but when it does

It’s like Christmas Day for marketers. As soon as the content is live you’ll be refreshing Google search pages waiting to see your post reach the top spot.

27. Never underestimate the power of organic traffic

No use in posting content without optimizing it, why miss out on so many potential customers? SEO is important, guys!

28. You’d be better off asking for a unicorn

If we could rank without putting in the extra steps then we’d all be doing it. But we can’t, so you better learn how to write great content and find ways to build backlinks.

29. We’re good but we’re not miracle workers!

If we could double sales on a tiny budget, of course we would but marketing costs add up! We can’t make magic on a shoestring budget.

30. We make a great team

Nothing that a developer loves more than hearing our ambitious plans for a landing page. Especially when we have no way of helping them create it.

31. We like what we like

Raise your hand if you miss the old GA? Us too, but we have to move with the times especially when Google is telling us to.

32. Marketing is all about experimentation

Most of us probably didn’t realize how much data would be involved in marketing campaigns but making sense of it all definitely makes us feel smart.

33. Experimenting can take its toll

We might not be as fresh-faced as when we first started, but at this point, we can’t see ourselves anywhere else.

34. It’s like seeing your whole life flash before your eyes

There’s no worse feeling than this, especially when you’re too late to catch the mistake.

35. Most of us are already in the thick of it

It’s the same every year, but it still hits us out of nowhere. Time to add Santa hats to our logos.

36. Engagement is engagement

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all our friends for sending them every blog post we’ve ever written.

37. Think smarter, not harder

Might as well make a campaign out of it, it’s clearly working!

38. We will get over it eventually…

Marketers could really do with an undo button in cases like this. But most of the time there’s no going back.

39. This one really hurts

Most people don’t realize that those ten seconds of content took you hours to make. If they did, they might be more willing to drop you a like.

40. Making fun of competitors is part of the game

Here’s to hoping they don’t notice the mistake any time soon.

41. The ‘M’ doesn’t stand for magician

Marketers can make miracles happen, but only with the right budget and time frame.

42. You’ll be there all week

CRMs are there for a reason. Save yourself the time and stress and invest in software that does the job for you.