Bringing Opportunities to Capsule Mobile

First off I’d like to introduce myself. Hi I’m Tom and I’ve recently joined the team at Capsule as a front-end developer. My background was originally working with .NET, Ruby and Node.js and now I’m working in JavaScript and CoffeeScript to make Capsule’s user interface more interactive. I’ve started looking at the mobile application and the first of these updates are now publicly available.

You can now view your open opportunities by tapping the new Pipeline button on the mobile app’s main menu. Tapping on an individual opportunity will take you through, showing more information about it. Opportunities are now listed under notes and emails for individual contacts. Currently, opportunities are only available when your device has a network connection.

List of opportunities Contact with opportunities

If you don’t see the new Pipeline link you need to update the app so that you’re running the latest version: in the mobile app go to Settings and tap the Check for Updates button.

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