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Build stronger customer relationships, make more sales and save time.

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One of the best CRMs I’ve ever used

Rated 4.5 on Capterra

Everything you need and nothing you don’t

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I couldn’t imagine using anything else!

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Capsule will help you to

Be more organized

With one view of your customer, see what you need to do to nurture the relationship and get reminders if you ever forget.

Boost customer loyalty

By storing everything you know about your customers you understand them deeply, and make every interaction more personal.

Win more business

Keep track of all your opportunities with our visual sales pipeline. Easily see who needs attention and the deals about to land.

"Capsule is so much more than just a great CRM - you can also keep on top of your pipeline and manage your client work - giving your leads the best chance possible of converting to sales, and your clients great customer service."

Julia Blake

Blake Consultants

What else can Capsule do for you?

  • Rich Contact Management

    Store details, notes, files, email conversations of the changing needs of customers all inside Capsule.A shared view of contacts empowers team members to take the next step.

  • Sales Process Setting

    Establish a winning, permanent and regular sales process that can easily be followed using Tracks in Capsule. Assign specific tasks and tracks to users so everyone knows what needs to be done next.

  • Calendar & Tasks

    Create tasks for appointments, meetings, phone calls, and more. Link tasks to contacts and sales opportunities. See who’s doing what with a shared view of the calendar.

  • Customisation

    Make Capsule fit around you, not the other way around. Set up your own pipeline milestones, custom fields and more.

  • Connect with Other Apps

    Capsule integrates with a number of different applications including Zapier, Mailchimp, Xero, Google, PandaDoc, Freshbooks and more!

  • View Sales Opportunities

    We make CRM simple. Our clean design and simple workflows make it easy for you to use and understand your customer data. No training required.

  • Powerful Integrations

    Connect every business tool to Capsule. We design our integrations so they work the way you need them to and the data is easy for you to consume.

  • Friendly Support Team

    Rest easy knowing our team of experts are happy to help you with every query, no matter how small. We’ll have you back on track in no time.