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New Gmail gadget coming for Google Apps users

Friday, April 18, 2014 by Dom Briggs

We’re looking forward to rolling out a new Gmail gadget for Google Apps users starting April 29th. The new gadget introduces the following improvements:

  • A fresh clean design that sits beautifully alongside the latest version of Gmail
  • A complete reworking of the way that the gadget integrates with Gmail’s mail servers to ensure the gadget is both fast and reliable
  • Improved functionality to streamline the use of the gadget, such as allowing override of contact details and linking them to an organisation when adding a new contact to Capsule

Importantly, there is a step required to enable the new gadget on your Google Apps domain. When we release the new gadget on April 29th or soon after, the old gadget will disappear from your Google Apps account. An administrator of your domain needs to follow these steps to re-enable the gadget on your account.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll seen once the new gadget is enabled:

Gmail gadget v2

And once the gadget is expanded:

Gmail gadget v2 expanded

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LinkedIn Integration

Thursday, March 13, 2014 by Duncan Stockdill

LinkedIn have changed the requirements for CRM applications and are unfortunately disabling our API access. As a result LinkedIn matches will stop appearing in Capsule’s social search feature.

LinkedIn notified us that:

After a review, we believe that your product(s) (Capsule) violates LinkedIn’s API Terms of Use. In accordance with Section I.C, you are required to be accepted into a LinkedIn Partner Program in order to use our APIs for applications that are “used for hiring, marketing, or sales.

While we have taken care to follow the terms of use, the requirement for a partnership was introduced after we built our integration with LinkedIn. We applied for the LinkedIn Partner Program at the time and more recently but unfortunately LinkedIn have not offered us a partnership. LinkedIn’s only partners in the CRM space are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. LinkedIn now appear to be closing off access to CRM platforms completely as they have recently stated:

Please note that currently we are not accepting any more CRM partners. We will update this page when we are ready to accept more applications in this program..

We’re aware that LinkedIn have sent similar notifications to other CRM applications and so this isn’t just a decision against Capsule.

LinkedIn’s decision to close their API’s to CRM applications is deeply disappointing. We are very grateful that for the most part the web is open as we are able to integrate interesting and useful services into Capsule. The LinkedIn integration we built in Capsule made it simple for users to locate their contacts on LinkedIn (via the public URL) and connect with them using the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn’s decision to close our access seems counter intuitive if LinkedIn are interested in making it simple for their users to engage with the LinkedIn platform. We encourage LinkedIn to reconsider this decision.

We are exploring alternative ways to a offer similar capability outside of the LinkedIn API and expect to have something to share on this soon.


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Tags now available in Capsule app

Friday, January 24, 2014 by Dom Briggs

We’ve released an update to Capsule app to include tags on your contacts, cases and opportunities. You can now filter records based on one or more tags using the new filter icon on each of the list pages.

Use the funnel icon on the contact list for example and tap the tags you want to filter for. To clear the tag filter just click the little ‘x’ next to the tag filter in the list.

Tags screenshot

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Support Portal Redesign

Wednesday, January 08, 2014 by Dom Briggs

As part of our continued commitment to providing efficient and accessible customer support, we have recently rolled out a new design for our Capsule support portal.

The new design brings improvements to the way you can search documentation, browse popular articles and get in touch with us via a dedicated support form.

We continually publish new articles to the support portal in order for you to obtain the information you require quickly and easily. Searching the documentation will collate all of the articles relevant to your question and if you don’t happen to find the answer you are looking for, you can contact our support team directly for further assistance.

The new support form provides a more effective solution to handling new incoming tickets, which should provide a clearer idea of the issue you’re experiencing.

You can browse the new support portal at - if you have any feedback on the new design or suggestions on how we can continue to support you in using Capsule, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Capsule CRM Support Portal

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Updates to the Capsule app for iOS and Android

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by Tom Bell

The Capsule app for iOS and Android was launched earlier this year and we’ve since released a further 12 updates to the app based on feedback from users. Those updates included bug fixes and the following features:

  • Search cases and opportunities by name or the associated contact
  • Search tasks by description, associated contact, opportunity, or case
  • Swipe right on tasks to quickly complete them
  • Create organisations
  • Preview attachments on notes and emails
  • Log calls initiated within the app
  • Filter tasks by time period
  • Infinite loading and filtering on tasks, pipeline and cases
  • Import contacts from your phone

With the latest update to the Capsule app you can now import contacts directly from your phone into the Capsule app. Many of our users have requested the ability to scan business cards and while we can’t yet offer this directly in Capsule, the new import function means you can scan business cards using your favourite card scanning app and use the import function to add to Capsule. You can find instructions and suggested apps in our import guide.

If you haven’t already installed the Capsule app on your phone then visit the App Store or Google Play on your phone and search for “Capsule CRM” to install.

If you would like to offer your suggestions or vote on existing suggestions please head over to our UserVoice page for the mobile app and let us know.

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Google Apps marketplace improvements

Thursday, November 28, 2013 by Duncan Stockdill

Google has updated and improved the Google Apps Marketplace which provides thousands of third-party applications that extend Google Apps for Business. Capsule is one of the first 23 applications available at the launch of the improved Google Apps Marketplace to install directly from the Admin console.

Google Apps Marketplace

Over the past couple of months we've been working with support from the Google Apps Marketplace team to ensure that the migration to OAuth 2.0, which brings greater security is as seamless as possible for existing customers who access Capsule via Google Apps.

There are a lot of technical changes under the hood but your Capsule account will continue to work just as it has. Domain administrators will receive a confirmation email once the migration of Capsule to OAuth 2.0 has been completed on your domain. There's nothing you need to do. You'll continue to sign-in to Capsule using the app launcher in Google and the Gmail gadget will continue to work as before.

In a few weeks once the migration is complete we'll be launching a shiny new faster version of the Gmail gadget. Here's a sneak peek of the new gadget in expanded mode running inside Gmail:

Gmail gadget v2

We're also planning further integration with Google Apps to take advantage of some new capabilities from Google so stay posted.

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Improved task reminder emails

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 by Dom Briggs

One of the projects we’re working on right now is to improve the readability and design of email notifications generated by Capsule. If you’re the owner of a Capsule account you might have already spotted the new email designs in the signup, billing and user invite emails. One of the main changes is that these emails are no longer plain text but have a fresh HTML design. Next up is the daily task reminder email which is delivered to most of our users every morning. Here’s a peek at what you’ll see when the new email design is rolled out this week:

Task reminder

For those of our users familiar with creating email newsletters you may be aware of how HTML support differs greatly across email clients. If you’re sending your own HTML emails or newsletter to your customers here’s a few things to look out for when creating your emails:

  1. Unless you have HTML development skills and a lot of patience, you’re best to use an email marketing service that includes templates or an email design tool that helps ensure your design works well across email clients. Take a look at MailChimp or ActiveCampaign which are add-ons for Capsule, or CampaignMonitor which can be connected to Capsule via the integration platforms Zapier or Cloudwork.
  2. If you do want to create your own HTML template there are some good guides available such as Campaign Monitor’s Email Design Guidelines.
  3. Your readers all have a preferred email client ranging from web based clients, desktop clients and mobile clients. Each client may render HTML differently or not support standard practise’s combining HTML and CSS. Outlook 2013 specifically has many quirks.
  4. Testing across email clients is time consuming if you try to do it manually. The services suggested above typically include automated tools to easily view your design in the different email clients, or alternatively you can use a dedicated service such as Litmus.
  5. It is impossible for your design to look exactly the same on every client summarised nicely by the team at Campaign Monitor “Just remember that pixel perfection in all email clients is a pipe dream.”
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Capsule for Mobile now available in app stores

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by Duncan Stockdill

Capsule for Mobile has just had a big update and is now available in the Apple App store and Google Play store. Key changes include:

  • A fresh new user interface with smoother transitions
  • Syncing of opportunities and cases so you can access and update these even when you’re offline in the same way as contacts
  • Expanded contact information including social network details
  • Live scrolling on the contacts list so you can either search or scroll to find a contact
  • More advanced controls such as specific date input for tasks
  • A new menu based navigation to better handle the expanded content and shortcuts to recently accessed records

Updated capsule mobile

To install Capsule just visit the Apple App store or Google Play store on your phone and search for Capsule CRM

We now have a dedicated team working on the mobile app and they’re busy working on further updates. If you have your own ideas we’d love to hear about them. We’ve just launched a dedicated forum on uservoice for the mobile app where you can share your ideas and vote on others.

If you are a Blackberry user you can continue to use the previous release of the mobile application. We don’t have any immediate plans to release an updated version for the Blackberry, but let us know if you want Blackberry support so we can gauge interest. For steps to install the previous release please read this blog post.

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In support of modern browsers: Saying goodbye to Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by Dom Briggs

It’s fair to say that older versions of Internet Explorer aren’t well loved by web developers. We spend a lot of time testing and creating workarounds for IE 7 & 8 when working on new updates to Capsule. Even then, the user experience and reliability we can offer in these browsers is compromised because the capabilities of these browsers are far behind what is achievable in a modern browser. Patching the limitations in these browsers also means we end up deploying more code which adds to page load times.

With limited time and resources, it’s important that we focus our efforts in the areas that add most value across our customer base. Discountuining support for IE 7 & 8 will let us move faster and with less constraints. As of July, Capsule will no longer support IE 7 or 8.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly. The vast majority of our users are on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer users account for 11% and most of these are already on IE 9 or 10. Usage for IE 7 & 8 has been falling over the last 12 months and now accounts for around 1% and 2% respectively.

App browser usage

There is a general trend towards phasing out support for Internet Explorer versions under 9. Many popular web applications such as Google Apps and Facebook have either dropped support or are in the process of doing so. This same trend is hapening in the tools and libraries that we use to build Capsule. For example, the popular javascript library jQuery which we use has started to require IE 9+ for it’s latest and most efficient version which we will be upgrading to.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 we suggest that you upgrade to a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10. If for whatever reason you’re unable to do so we’ve added support for Google’s chrome frame which is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer that web apps can use to provide you with additional features and better performance. Visiting Capsule using IE 7 or 8 you will see a prompt to install Chrome frame:

IE 7 & 8 - Chrome frame prompt

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User interface refinements

Thursday, May 09, 2013 by Dom Briggs

Not long ago we released an update to the history section of a contact and we brought you a brand new twitter feed. To bring the rest of the app inline we’ve updated the layout of contact details and replaced some of the icons. You’ll also find buttons in place of links to help make where to click next more obvious. Overall you should feel Capsule is a little more spacious and easier to use.


At the same time we’ve improved performance on some user interface elements so you should feel some menus and page loads a little snappier!

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Updated Twitter integration

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 by Duncan Stockdill

We've updated our Twitter integration to support Twitter's latest API and display requirements. At the same time we've taken the opportunity to improve our Twitter functionality. Now when you view a contact in Capsule that has a twitter account you can see more tweets and you can reply, retweet or favourite tweets directly from Capsule. You can also view pictures that have been included in a tweet.

twitter section in capsule

As consequence of Twitter's latest requirement we can no longer show tweets for a contact unless you've connected your Twitter account to Capsule. If you are already taking advantage of our awesome social search functionality then you're already set-up and good to go with the new tweets display. If not you can connect your account via the Social Integrations page in your preferences. See our social search configuration guide for more info.

We've also taken the opportunity to tweak the display of history so it fits more neatly alongside the new tweet styling. In particular the edit and delete actions for notes and emails are now activated on hover.

new history
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New Capsule App for Zendesk

Monday, January 14, 2013 by Josef Szotten Zendesk launched an updated version of their customer support platform a little while back and with it they introduced a more structured approach to integrations with other services. Our previous widget for Zendesk has been transformed and expanded into a Zendesk App that you can install into the new Zendesk. As with our previous widget for Zendesk it allows you to view or search for the Capsule contact details for a ticket requester. Here's what it looks like: Capsule app in Zendesk
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Now accepting American Express

Monday, December 17, 2012 by Duncan Stockdill

By popular request, we’ve recently added American Express to our existing credit card support for Visa and Mastercard. If you’re currently paying by MasterCard or Visa and would prefer to pay by American Express you can use the change payment card process in Capsule.

Amex launch

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August/September Integrations

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 by Josef Szotten

We've had a burst of great applications that have integrated with Capsule in the past couple of months that extend the capabilities of Capsule even further.

ClickDesk logo First up is ClickDesk - A service for integrating chat into your website as well as other online engagement (phone, ticketing & social). With the ClickDesk chat you can view Capsule contact details and record chat transcripts straight into Capsule without leaving your chat. Check out ClickDesk here:

Proposable logo Next is a service called Proposable. With Proposable you can create, deliver, and analyze your sales proposals. Easily connect it to your Capsule accont and send your proposals to your Capsule contacts. A note is also stored on the contact record in your Capsule account for each Capsule contact that a proposal is sent to.

edocr logo edocr is a service for uploading your documents such as brochures, case studies and press releases to share with prospects and generate new leads. edocr integrates with Capsule to track who read your documents on edocr for lead nurturing and conversion in Capsule.

We also have a new category to the Capsule integrations - Dashboard services. We want to tell you about Grappster and Leftronic.

Grappster Logo Grappster is an information dashboard for your cloud apps. With Grappster you can easily keep track of your Capsule CRM opportunities and tasks. You can also quickly get a glance of your sales pipelines and latest activities.

Leftronic logo Leftronic gives you real-time visibility into your company’s most important data. Add graphs for a number of different opportunity stats to be viewed alongside all your other cloud services.

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Refined pop-over contact cards

Thursday, September 06, 2012 by Duncan Stockdill

We’ve done some work to improve the use of the pop-over contact cards in Capsule. These are quick summary cards that save you clicking through to a contact’s page when you just want their phone number or address. Previously these were activated by hovering over an icon next to the contact’s name. We’ve simplified this so that you now activate the pop-over card by simply hovering over the contact’s name in the link. This keeps the user interface for Capsule clean and increases the target area for activating the pop-over card. We’ve also made the UI more consistent by enabling this pretty much everywhere you see a contact’s name in a link.

pop-over screenshot

In addition we’ve converted the text from/to names that appeared at the start of an email entry into contact links that you can click and we’ve enabled the contact card pop-overs for these. If the contact doesn’t already exist in Capsule (e.g. they were cc’d in the email) you can choose to add them, making it easier to add contacts that weren’t automatically created by Capsule.

add contact pop-over screenshot

Finally, we’ve also tweaked the modal pop-ups that are used for things like task entry. These have been given a light refresh with new button styling to emphasise actions you are about to take.

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