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User Activity and Sales Reporting

Keep on top of user activity and sales in Capsule using reports. With reports you can easily track the type of activities completed by a user and report on opportunities converted or lost.

Using Reports

When viewing reports in Capsule you can decide whether you would like to refine the data further to filter by user/team and time.

Capsule has a number of standard time filters you can choose from or you can apply your own custom timeframe.

Activity Reporting

  • Completed by User
  • Completed by Type

Both these reports are available to users on both the Professional and Teams plan

Activity reporting allows you to report on user activity across the account. This can help keep track of performance by user or team. You can view activity reports by going to Reports Activity

You can filter this report by a specific user or team to gain a clear visual of the different types of activities completed and the number of times each activity type was carried out.

If you are interested in reporting on a particular activity type then that’s done by going to Reports Activity Completed by Type. Here you can see the total count of each activity carried out.

The standard activity types are note, meeting and call. Customers on the Teams plan for Capsule can add custom activity types to their accounts.

Sales Reporting

If you would like to gain a better visual of your sales pipeline and conversion metrics you can make use of the Capsule sales reporting. To do this go to Reports Sales. Here you will find several different report types:

Won/Lost opportunity reports

  • Won/Lost opportunities over Time - this report is available to users on both the Professional and Teams plan
  • Won/Lost opportunities by Owner

    Teams Plan Feature available only on our Teams plan

  • Won/Lost opportunities by Team

    Teams Plan Feature available only on our Teams plan

These graphs compare the value and count of the opportunities you havee won and lost. They can also be viewed on an individual level to monitor team member’s conversion rates.

Lost opportunities by reason

Opportunities may be lost for a number of reasons; due to a lack of funds or an issue with the order for example. These reports display why opportunities were lost and can be used to identify potential gaps in the sales process. You can find these reports by going to Reports Sales.

Average sales value report

Track how your average sales value changes over time to ensure your sales are growing. Filter by user or team to see who is generating the highest average sales value for your business.

Pipeline reports

Teams Plan Feature available only on our Teams plan

  • Pipeline Forecast
  • Pipeline by Owner
  • Pipeline by Team
  • Pipeline by Milestone
  • Pipeline Growth

These graphs look at your up coming opportunities and allow you forecast your future sales. You can also report on pipeline growth over time.