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Updating Cases

How to edit a Case

Over the lifetime of a case you may find that you need to update details such as the Case description or the Owner of a Case. These changes can be made using the Edit button next to the Case name.

Tasks already on the case will not automatically be re-assigned when you change the Case Owner, instead they will need to be updated manually.

How to close a Case

Once a project is complete, you can update the Status of your Case to Closed. Closing a Case makes it clear to your colleagues that the project is complete whilst retaining all of the important information recorded on the Case in Capsule.

To do this, when viewing a Case click the Close Case button in the top right to update it’s status.

When a Case is closed, any open tasks on the Case, whether part of a track or not, will become in-active and are removed from the calendar. We’ll display a message to make you aware of this when closing the Case.

How to reopen a Case

You can reopen a Case at any time using the same button which will now say Re-Open Case. Reopening the Case will also set any incomplete tasks to active and they will reappear on both the Case and in the Calendar.

How to find a closed Case

When a Case is Closed it remains on the history for all linked Contacts. Capsule has a number of standard closed Case lists you can use to easily find these Cases.

If you ever need to reopen a Case, Capsule makes it simple to find.

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