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Customizing Cases

Customizing Cases for your business

To get the most from Cases, you can customize them for your specific needs. You can have many different Custom Fields, Tags, DataTags and Tracks to capture information relevant to your projects and events and for managing tasks. Putting these foundations in place from the start ensures you have all of the information you need, when you need it.

A case with options to add tracks, custom fields and tags

How to customize Cases

If customizations have been put in place for Cases already, you will find them in these areas:

  • Custom Fields are available when you are adding a new Case. They are also available if you would like to enter or amend the information during the project. They are found on the left hand side of the Case record, above the Contact list.
A contact with a custom field
  • Tracks can be applied when creating a new Case and throughout the project. They drop all of the Tasks your workflow is built up of into a Case, giving you everything required to get work done. Tasks in a Track are either set up to begin a number of days after the Track is applied, a number of days after the previous task was completed or number of days before the Track ends.
a list of tasks inside a track
  • Tags can be used to categorize or group Cases. Tags are free format so you can create them to suit your business needs and terminology. For example, some of your Cases could be used to hold internal documentation and other Cases related to projects for your customers. Tags allow you to differentiate between the two. They will be displayed on the Case record and you can use them to filter for Cases with or without a particular tag.
A case with tags attached e.g. 2020, Portland, conference etc.
  • DataTags allow you to easily capture additional information in Custom Fields when applying a Tag. For example you might like to Tag as an event with ‘Venue’. When applying this Tag you will be prompted to populate predefined Custom Fields like venue location, capacity & accessibility. Note: Administrators can convert existing tags to DataTags.
Editing data tags on a Case