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Creating Reports with Google Data Studio

Using the Google Data Studio connector for Capsule to create reports for your sales data.

Teams Plan Feature available only on our Teams plan

Time series chart for closed opportunity value

  1. On the data source, click Create Report in the top right
  2. You will be prompted to add the Capsule source to the report
  3. Click the Add a chart drop down and select time series
  4. Note the chart may display a system error, this is due to it being unable to automatically detect the default date range, so we will change that below
  5. You will see the following default data settings for the chart
  6. Next, we will change the date range, to custom
  7. Click the Auto Date Range drop down to change the range to This year to date
  8. Click Apply to apply the date range change
  9. Click the icon to the left of Closed On so we can change how the date is shown
  10. In the Show as drop down, select Year Month
  11. The chart will now show closed opportunity value for this year up to today
  12. We can also add a Breakdown Dimension to break down the data even more
  13. Pick Owner as the breakdown dimension
  14. The chart will now break the data down by the owner of the opportunities
  15. Now let’s add a filter to only show data for Won opportunities, at the bottom of the data column, find Time Series Filter
  16. Click Add a Filter to create a filter for won opportunities
  17. Select the Status field, the Equal to (=) condition, and enter the value Won
  18. Click Save to apply and use the filter, now the chart will only be showing data for your won opportunities, and these filters can also be reused for other charts.


To manage your filters, click Resources from the tool bar, and choose Manage filters