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Capsule Affiliate Program

As a Capsule affiliate you get the opportunity to earn money simply by referring customers to Capsule through the Capsule Affiliate Program.

We’ll share 20% of the revenue we earn from customers you refer to us for the life of their accounts. Tracking is automatic. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be provided with a URL that identifies your referrals. Simply place this link in your website or emails (but no spam! – see conditions) and start earning.

See your earnings in real-time

By logging into your affiliate control panel, you’ll have access to past earnings as well as current earnings and the number of referrals in real-time.

Regular payments

Referral earnings are paid each month via PayPal when your balance is £50 or more. If your balance is less than £50 we’ll automatically carry it forward.

For full details, see the Capsule Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

To signup for the affiliate program please email us at

Already have a login for the affiliate program? Sign-in here