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Gmail Contextual Gadget Replacement Announcement

Gmail Contextual Gadgets have been deprecated by Google and will be permanently
shut down on August 1, 2018.

Google announced earlier this year that they would be shutting down their Gmail contextual gadgets available to G Suite users in favour of their new Gmail Add-ons. This is the technology that is currently used by our Capsule Gadget Gmail integration. The official turn off date is August 1st 2018, after which the Gmail contextual gadgets will disappear.

We’ve supported the Capsule Gmail gadget for a long time and understand it’s a valuable companion to Capsule. You’ll be happy to hear we have a new Gmail add-on ready to replace the gadget.

Update: Preparing for 1st August

On Wednesday 1st August, the Capsule Gmail Gadget will automatically disappear from your inbox and you’ll no longer see the gadget beneath emails that you’ve sent or received. At the same time, our new add-on may still be in Google’s approval process. The review is progressing and we’re working with Google to make our add-on available to you as soon as possible. We’re hopeful the review will be complete in time. While this is ongoing, we wanted to give you some suggestions of what else you can do to store emails and add contacts from your inbox come August 1st.

Storing emails with contacts

Our drop box service is still fully available to use to store your emails and create contacts. To find your drop box address, visit My Preferences Mail Drop Box .

To store your email on the contact record, include your drop box address in the BCC line of the email you’re sending to your contact. To store any replies or received emails, forward them to the same drop box address. If the contact doesn’t exist in your account, we’ll create one for you automatically.


Clicking your contact’s email address in Capsule will start a new email with your drop box address BCC’d automatically. Find out how to set that up in your account.

Storing emails on cases or opportunities

You can also store emails on case or opportunity records by using a modified drop box address. If you’d like to attach the email to a case or opportunity that already exists, just open the record in Capsule and then from the Actions menu select Attach an email. Capsule will then provide you with a specific drop box email address to use.

If the case or opportunity doesn’t already exist, replace dropbox@ with opportunity@ or case@ in your drop box email address. It will look something like: Capsule will auto-create the new case or opportunity, attaching the email and contact.


To find out more about using the Capsule Drop Box, visit our support article.

A preview of the new Capsule Gmail Add-on

The new add-on will replace the gadget and its features. At the same time, we’ve taken the opportunity to make improvements you’re going to love. Here’s a quick look at the new add-on:

  • A new look that’s more spacious and easy to use
  • Store entire conversation threads, not just single messages
  • See details of existing contacts when you open an email
  • Add follow-up tasks
  • Record and link sales opportunities and cases
  • Add new contacts, cases and opportunities
  • Use the add-on from within your Gmail Android app.


The add-on is currently being reviewed by Google as part of their release requirements. We hope this review will be finalized soon and that you’ll be able to install the add-on before August 1st.

We’ll be in touch as soon as the new Capsule add-on becomes available in the Google add-on marketplace. We’ll also be posting announcements via Twitter and Facebook

If you have any questions feel free to email our support team.