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Account and Billing

Managing your Capsule account is simple - from updating your payment details to downgrading your account, it can all be managed within the application.

Billing amount and frequency

Subscriptions are paid monthly in advance.

The price for Capsule can found in our signup page right here.

  • If you open a new professional account, you get a 30-day trial period before your first payment.
  • If you upgrade from a free account to the professional account, your first payment will be on the date of upgrade.

Each month thereafter you will be billed for all users on your account until you choose to cancel your account. For billing purposes, the number of users on your account includes all active users along with pending or suspended users. Users that have been deleted are not counted.


An invoice receipt is emailed to the Capsule account owner each time the credit card on the account is charged. The account owner can access their Invoice Options by going to the Account Settings Account Change invoice options

The account owner can choose to CC the invoice receipt to another email address such as their accounting department, or change the company address details.

Previous invoices

If you need a copy of your previous invoices then you need to email with details of which invoices you need and we’ll send them through to you.


Only the account owner is able to request previous invoices.

Changing your company name and web address

To change your company information, go to the Account Settings Account and change account name or change web address

Upgrading to the professional plan

The account owner can upgrade your account to the professional. To do that:

  1. Go to the Account Settings Account Upgrade to Professional
  2. Enter your billing details and then confirm by clicking Accept Upgrade button.


You will be billed immediately for the first month.

30 day free trial of our Professional Plan

You have the opportunity to trial the Professional Plan for 30 days utilizing all the features available, including integrations.

Enter all your account owner information on signup, including your payment details. You get an email warning 10 days before the 30 day trial is over.

If you cancel your account any time within the 30 days you will not be billed.

Upgrading from a Free account

When you upgrade from the Free plan you are billed immediately for the first month’s subscription.

Updating your payment card

To change your subscription payments:

  1. Go to the Account Settings Account
  2. Then click the link to Change Payment Card.


In order to change your billing details you need to be the Capsule account owner.

Updating your VAT number

To change your VAT number:

  1. Go to the Account Settings Account
  2. Then click the link to Change VAT number.
  3. From there enter the VAT number and save it.

If you’d like to read more about why you need to enter a VAT number, or what to do if you don’t have one then check our VAT Information article.

Downgrading to a free account

The account owner is responsible for downgrading from a professional account to a free version, by going to the Account Settings Account click the link to Downgrade:

If you exceed the limits of the free plan you will first need to manually delete users, contacts or stored files as appropriate.

Cancelling your account

The account owner can cancel at any time by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Account Settings Account click the link to Cancel
  2. Then follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  3. If you have installed Capsule via the G Suite Marketplace you will also need to delete the Capsule integration from your G Suite Domain. To do this go to your G Suite admin dashboard Marketplace Apps Capsule CRM use the trash can icon to delete it.

Summary of Cancellation Policy

  • Your Capsule account will be immediately cancelled and you will not pay any further subscriptions.
  • If you cancel mid-month no partial refund is given. Each month is paid in advance and is not refundable.
  • Any data in your account will be permanently deleted. Make sure you export your data before cancellation if required.
  • If you cancel before your 30 day free trial ends you will not be charged.

You can read the full Capsule Terms of Use. If you have any questions before you cancel your account you can contact us on

Restoring a cancelled account

After cancelling your account it is retained on our systems for 14 days in a disabled state so that it can’t be accessed. If you cancelled by mistake, forgot to export a copy of your data, or simply changed your mind during the 14 day grace period then you have the choice to recover the account and all of your data.

To restore the account, use the link in the confirmation email you received after doing the cancellation. If you don’t have the email anymore then you can email us at and we’ll help you out.


After the 14 days are up, the account and any data retained will be permanently removed from our systems.

Account suspension

If you have received an email or see a message in Capsule about your account being suspended it means that all our attempts to charge the payment card on your account over a period of several weeks have been declined. Capsule automatically notifies the account owner of any declines and suspension warnings by email.

In order to start using Capsule account again your account owner needs to log in to your account and reactivate it by following the Update your billing details link that appears on screen. If you don’t know who your account owner is then please email us at and we’ll help you out.


If you don’t want to keep your Capsule account then it will automatically be terminated if not reactivated within 60 days. Please ensure you export your data before termination since all data will be deleted after termination.