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10 tips for a healthy sales pipeline

Check out our top tips for a healthy sales pipeline to improve conversion rates and stimulate sales.

Boost sales with 6 reports

Discover the 6 reports you need in your CRM to boost your sales performance.

Part 3: Implementing a successful CRM - Keeping it alive

As your new CRM becomes business as usual, here's how to keep it fresh, relevant and loved.

Part 2: How to implement your CRM successfully

Now your CRM is ready to go live, here's how to launch it to the business and boost adoption rates.

Part 1: How to implement your CRM successfully

CRMs are a long term investment. Find out how to make your CRM a success from the start by involving the right people and creating CRM champions.

Managing your finances in Capsule with Xero

Make life easier by connecting your accounting software with your CRM.

How to make remote work

With more businesses looking to introduce remote working, we wanted to share what we learned when we made it part of Capsule's culture.

What's the Best CRM Software?

When it comes to picking a CRM you’re spoilt for choice, there’s something for everyone. It goes without saying that every CRM software says they’re the best but what you have to ask is - the best at what?

Improve your sales process with this simple tip

We've got one quick tip that will help improve your sales process when a new person joins the team. We call it structured freedom.

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