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What is a CRM?

What is CRM? It's a Customer Relationship Management tool, used in many ways from organizing contacts to managing projects. But the best way is to use it to build customer relationships.

We're celebrating our 10th anniversary!

It's our 10th anniversary today, so we've been enjoying some cake and bubbles while reminiscing about where it all began.

7 CRM Hacks you need to know about

We’ve put together 7 CRM hacks to help you get more value out of your CRM system and increase confidence in your data.

Do less not more for a better work-life balance

Adopting a more focused approach to work will increase productivity and improve your work-life balance.

Real Estate Software for CRM

Discover how to use a CRM system in Real Estate to gain a huge competitive advantage.

Transforming Client Relationships at Liquona

We loved meeting Liquona, a video production agency, and hearing how Capsule's transformed the way they manage customer relationships. Take a peek at their quality video.

Have a productive day, every day

When you juggle too much your IQ reduces, so here's how Capsule keeps you focused and intelligent!

How a CRM can transform your business

CRM is a must for every small business. Here's how it can transform the way you work and help deliver real growth.

Create memories in your CRM with Capsule Cases

Have you discovered our neat feature called Cases? Here are some fascinating examples of how our customers use them to store information.

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