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More power to the dropbox

We’ve released a much requested set of improvements for the dropbox. It’s always been possible to link an email with an opportunity...


Zferral integrates with Capsule

The team at zferral have integrated their solution with Capsule. Simply put, zferral lets you create and manage an affiliate program to...


One click export

Capsule runs on the battle-tested services from Amazon and we backup your data every hour and regularly test the restore process. So...


More context in the history

The layout of the the contact history in Capsule was designed early on and it’s been long due for a tidy up....


New in Capsule: Pictures from Social Networks

With so many businesses now using social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, we’ve been looking for ways to include the information...


System Status page for Capsule

We had a couple of periods earlier in the week where the service was slow for some users. Sorry to those affected....


A PHP Wrapper for the Capsule API

At Capsule we love APIs; they allow Capsule to be connected with other popular web applications like Google Apps which we integrated...


Capsule integrates with Google Apps

We’re excited to announce our long requested integration with Google Apps. Google approached us late last year to ask us to participate...


Quick contact preview

We’ve had lots of feedback from our users asking for a quick way to view email addresses and phone numbers of contacts...

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