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More powerful searching

Search in Capsule is being upgraded to include matches from notes and emails

New add-on: 2-way sync to Google Contacts via PieSync

PieSync is a true two­-way synchronization platform that connects Google Apps with other cloud services.

Restore from Trash for added peace of mind

We've introduced a new function to Capsule to give you piece of mind for those awkward situations when you or a co-worker accidentally delete an important record

End of support for IE9 and Safari 5

The team here are busy working on updates to Capsule and some of the updates take advantage of capabilities in modern browsers...

New Gmail gadget coming for Google Apps users

We’re looking forward to rolling out a new Gmail gadget for Google Apps users starting April 29th. The new gadget introduces the...

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn have changed the requirements for CRM applications and are unfortunately disabling our API access. As a result LinkedIn matches will stop...

Tags now available in Capsule app

We’ve released an update to Capsule app to include tags on your contacts, cases and opportunities. You can now filter records based...

Support Portal Redesign

As part of our continued commitment to providing efficient and accessible customer support, we have recently rolled out a new design for...

Updates to the Capsule app for iOS and Android

The Capsule app for iOS and Android was launched earlier this year and we’ve since released a further 12 updates to the...

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