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New Logo and Brand for Capsule

We started Capsule eight years ago with a mission to create a CRM that’s simple, intuitive and powerful.

Announcing Capsule API v2

We're excited to announce version two of the Capsule API.

Updates November 2016

Roundup of improvements in Capsule from September and October 2016

Covering More Support Hours

Moving part of our team to the US to cover more support hours

PandaDoc Integration

PandaDoc has a great integration with Capsule for creating documents and populate them with Capsule contact details.

Restoring a cancelled Capsule account

Restore a cancelled Capsule account within a 14 day grace period

A smoother Capsule experience

We've made several small but useful updates to Capsule to make it easy for you to share and use links and reduce file congestion.

Introducing two-factor authentication

Introducing 2FA and other security features

Improved Social Search

Improved Social Search

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