Javelin features preview - Track your way to success

This blog post was written before Javelin was renamed to Capsule. See this post for more details.

Javelin will be launching soon and in preparation we will be providing a preview of Javelin functions via our blog. First up, we are previewing Tracks.

Tracks are a neat feature in Javelin that provides a simple way to manage repetitive processes. In business we find often find processes that do, or perhaps should! follow the same steps each time. For example:

  • following through on a sales opportunity
  • managing a customer support query
  • issuing a monthly customer invoice
  • end of period accounting procedures

Tracks establish a pre-defined series of steps. It could be as simple as a pre-defined to-do list that you tick off when steps are completed:

To-do track

Tracks become more powerful by including rules that control the sequence and timing of each step:

Sales process track

Once defined, a track is available to embed in a Javelin Opportunity or Case. We’re confident businesses will find novel ways to use this function. Do you have processes in your business that would benefit from a more structured approach? We’d love to hear about it.

Register for our Beta now if you would like to see Tracks in action.

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