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Covering More Support Hours

As Capsule has grown so has our customer base. We’re very proud to say that we have customers all over the world and we love hearing from them. With our customers being so spread out it has become more important that we can take better care of them and do it more quickly. That’s why late last year I made the hop from our HQ in Manchester, UK to sunny California.

The way things were

When answering emails we found that each morning there was always a big daunting backlog of messages. Anyone emailing in UK after hours waited not only for our day to start but also for the backlog to clear up. We were always in a constant fight against time to be able to help everyone who needed it.

The support team has grown and we’ve implemented ‘All Hands Support’ however we wanted to do more. A great majority of Capsule customers are based in North America so having a support person in the US was an obvious first choice. Being based on the west coast means that there’s a small overlap with the UK team while still covering a lot more hours.

The results

Moving over to the US means that I can take with me all the expertise from my 5 years at Capsule and hit the ground running.

We’re now 9 months in and so far we’re seeing some great results. The morning workload for us in both the UK and the US has been reduced greatly, meaning we can get back to people much more quickly both initially and then throughout the day.

Our customers seem to have noticed as well:

Bottom line

We’re now covering more hours and helping people at a faster rate.

With this post I’m happy to officially announce the change of our support hours. Instead of just covering UK business hours we’re now picking up emails Monday - Friday wherever you are.

Feel free to tweet @capsulecrm or email us at any time about anything you need and someone from our support team will get back to you Monday to Friday. We’re always happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

Support Portal Redesign

As part of our continued commitment to providing efficient and accessible customer support, we have recently rolled out a new design for our Capsule support portal.

The new design brings improvements to the way you can search documentation, browse popular articles and get in touch with us via a dedicated support form.

We continually publish new articles to the support portal in order for you to obtain the information you require quickly and easily. Searching the documentation will collate all of the articles relevant to your question and if you don’t happen to find the answer you are looking for, you can contact our support team directly for further assistance.

The new support form provides a more effective solution to handling new incoming tickets, which should provide a clearer idea of the issue you’re experiencing.

You can browse the new support portal at - if you have any feedback on the new design or suggestions on how we can continue to support you in using Capsule, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Capsule CRM Support Portal

New Capsule Support Portal

We have updated the Capsule support portal. It now includes full content search and it can be accessed from the support link on our main site.

For those who haven’t used the support portal, it includes a range of help articles and instructions for using Capsule. It’s a good place to start if you’re ever unsure of anything.

View the support portal

New support portal

System Status page for Capsule

We had a couple of periods earlier in the week where the service was slow for some users. Sorry to those affected. We are resolving this by adding server capacity, some of which has been put in place and we’ve got more coming.

A number of you asked whether there is system status page for Capsule. We haven’t had one, but as of today we’ve published a System Status page to keep users informed when the service is down or problematic. We’ll post whenever there is an issue or we schedule downtime. We’ve also also published our Pingdom Uptime Report which provides both current status and history of the system availability.

Pingdom screenshot

Hope you find this useful, and more importantly, I hope we don’t have to update it too often!